Foundations (101)

Audience: End Users


Summary: This course is aimed at end users and not model builders.  While this is not intended to be a deep-dive into building models and is general information not specific to your Anaplan build, this will give you a good overview of Anaplan and what it does.

Course Objectives: By the end of this class, you’ll understand:

  • Who Anaplan is 
  • What the Anaplan platform is
  • What Anaplan means to your role and others within your company
  • Basic Anaplan navigation and terms

The course will take about 25-35 minutes to complete.

Start the course here.


The course is quite informative and useful to a new user. Would be great if there is a hands-on training module that can be used to follow the training video. This will certainly enhance the user's learning experience and makes it much more effective.

@Khamsa While the Foundations (101) course is a high level overview and does not provide hands-on training in Anaplan, there are other courses available in the Learning Center that are intended to do just that. You can search for Essentials of Model Building as a starting point and then move on to our Level 1 Model Building course.

This is course is very nice to know anaplan preliminary ideas

Thanks so much for providing this course. It was well structured and easy to follow.

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