Keeping Current on Your Current Certified Model Builder Requirements

Maintaining up to date certifications is a key component of any world-class certification program, and it is especially true for a dynamic and innovative company such as Anaplan! A crucial part of Anaplan Academy’s mission is to ensure the learning and certification programs reflect the latest product developments.  Also, it’s important to make sure that those who have earned Anaplan’s industry-recognized Model Builder Certification are maintaining their skills.

For those who have successfully completed the Model Builder Certification this year, note that it affirms your certification is valid until December 2020. In order to keep current for the next calendar year, candidates are required to be fully familiar with Anaplan’s New User Experience. As a result, delta requirements were developed to ensure you don’t have to complete courses you have already taken.


As a Certified Model Builder, the continuing education/delta requirements for 2021 include completion of: 

  • Level 2 Model Building program (New User Experience version- released July 2020)


  • Anaplan’s New User Experience course


  • e.g., if you completed Level 2 Model Building using the classic user interface, you can simply complete Anaplan’s New User Experience course to fulfill your certification requirements.


Successful completion of these 2021 Certified Model Builder requirements will ensure your certification remains valid until December 31, 2021.

The good news is that more than half of all certified model builders have already qualified since they have stayed up to date by taking the latest courses.

You can check out the Anaplan Certified Model Builder page in the Learning Center to verify your qualifications. You will also be able to download your updated Certified Model Builder certificate there. 






I have completed Level 2 certification and Anaplan Way as well but not being able to select "2021 Certified Model Builder Certificate". Can you please assist?

Can you please assist?