Level 3 Model Building is Now Available

The Anaplan Academy is proud to launch the Level 3 Model Building training program! This course is designed to advance experienced model builders’ skills on their path to becoming a Solution Architect.

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This training program consists of a project simulation that continues the Unicorn Candy Company’s connected planning journey. Throughout the project, you will take on the roles of Solution Architect and Model Builder working with the customer. You will be responsible for translating the Unicorn Candy Company's business processes into a model schema, designing the user experience interface and building the necessary model components to support the needs of the sales organization.


The following requirements are required before beginning the Level 3 Model Building training program:

  • Level 1 Model Building and Level 2 Model Building course completion
  • A minimum of 9-12 months of Anaplan project experience
  • Proficiency in the use of Anaplan functions in formulas (e.g. SUM, LOOKUP, etc.)
  • Experience troubleshooting Anaplan data import errors and formula syntax errors
  • Self-initiative to search available resources to solve problems 

If you are ready for the challenge, you can now access the Level 3 Model Building course on Anaplan’s Learning Center!


Solution Architect Certification

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You will be able to continue your professional journey as an Anaplan model builder by becoming a certified Solution Architect beginning in Q2! This new certification will consist of four key components: training, modeling experience, an interview and continuing education. Both your training and modeling experience will be reviewed by the Anaplan Academy team to validate your level of expertise. Additionally, there will be an interview to evaluate your Level 3 Model Building schema and user experience interface, along with your responses to specific questions around the Unicorn Candy Company case study. Lastly, Solution Architects will be required to continue their learning through advanced courses each year.

More specific details about the Solution Architect certification program including how to request interviews and continuing education requirements will be shared soon!


Thanks for sharing details. Would you know time effort estimated to complete Level 3 course & activities?

@prakriti.agrawa   Right now I am estimating based off of the design and I would put it at between 25-35 hours, depending on your experience.  I highly recommend working in 1/2 day blocks.  There is a lot of detail and dependencies so working in smaller blocks will make it hard to remember all of these.  

Thanks @ChrisMullen for your revert & advice. Appreciate that.



 I have completed Level 2 certification , but for level 3 Model Building Certification Exams we have only Max 2 attempts.


what If we are unable to clear in both the attempts? is there any chance of getting an extra attempt to pass the exam.






If you run out of attempts, email Academy@anaplan.com and they can reset you. 

Hi @ChrisMullen 


I am unable to download a copy of the data hub.

When I click the link I'm taken to my workspace and then nothing happens.

I've tried disabling my SSO and trying the same and refreshing and again no download. 


Please can you advise? 






I'm trying to do L3. I'm in step 5.3 but I don't have any information about Territory by Account?

Is there a CSV file?


Please can you advise? 

Best regards,


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