Model Map Overview

Summary: As you build a model, Anaplan generates a model map based on the modules and formulas. This lesson explains how to work with the model map. 

Audience: Model Builders

Lesson Duration: 3 minutes

This micro lesson is included in Level 1 Model Building training program available in the Learning Center. 

View the micro-lesson with the classic modeling interface below:

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Hi @rob_marshall @Misbah @DaanishSoomar @Bob-Bachynsky @JaredDolich 

Hope you are doing great. I need your expertise advise here.


How can we relate the time mentioned on the bottom left corner on each box. Something like this (115.05m). Is that in minutes? 

Is that the same time we used to get from the open model analysis? 


If that is in minutes, it doesn't make sense in real time. In some of the modules with bad formulae, it shows the time as 502.00m. But practically it opens in few mins. 


And do we have any link to read in detail about the open model analysis report. Even the time which we used to get from that is not matching with the model in real time. Can you help me how to correlate it? 

@VSekar  If you are talking about these


Those are in Bottom Right and they actually tell us the module size and not the model opening time. I am not sure where did Open Model Analysis report come from. Do you see anything different that what I do?

Hi @Misbah 


Perfect, Thank you for your reply and clarifying that was the module size. It makes sense. 

And this is no where related to model open analysis report. I intend to ask that as a separate query and  confused by merging it together. 


Similar to model analysis report which we get from Anaplan support on request, is there a way to know about the performance of a particular module/line item from our end? (Something similar to cell count, ability to see the calculation time). This helps to see the calculation time of a line item before and after optimizing the formula and model builder can test it with multiple scenarios in addition to best practices.   


It would be a great addition to the platform to have that feature and will be much helpful for building an optimized model. Was interested to know the design on how Splunk report extracted from Anaplan engine by product team.  


Thank you. 



Sadly, at this time, the calculation time of a line item is not accessible from within the application.

@rob_marshall , 


Thank you for your clarifications. 

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