Optimizer: Use Case Examples

The Anaplan Optimizer aids business planning and decision making by solving complex problems involving millions of combinations quickly to provide a feasible solution. Learn more about the basics of Optimizer in the Optimizer Anapedia article.


The training involves an exercise along with documentation and videos to help you complete it.

The goal of the exercise is to setup the optimization exercise for two use cases; network optimization and production optimization. To assist you in this process we have created an optimization exercise guide document which will walk you through each of the steps.

To further help we have created three videos you can reference:

Follow the order of the items listed below to assist with understanding how Anaplan's optimization process works:

      1. Watch the use case video which demos the Optimizer functionality in Anaplan
      2. Watch the exercise walkthrough video
      3. Review documentation about how Optimizer works within Anaplan: Optimizer User Guide v1.0
      4. Attempt the Optimizer exercise:
        1. Download: Optimization Exercise Guide Walkthrough
        2. Download the Optimizer model into your workspace
        3. How to configure Dynamic Time within Optimizer
          1. Download: Dynamic Time Setup Documentation
          2. Watch the Dynamic Time video
          3. Attempt Network Optimization exercise
          4. Attempt Production Optimization exercise





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Optimiser Exercise walkthrough


It looks like the link to the video is working now. @edgargomez is it working for you?

Yes, its working now. Thanks

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