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This course provides an overview of the model schema design process. It is highly recommended for anyone intending to take the Model Design class or The Anaplan Way class.

A schema is a flexible roadmap for your model build. It is an outline, or a framework, of your vision for the final product you wish to have in Anaplan. Schemas aid you as a tool to convey your vision to customers and the project team before the build begins, and as a reference during the build that ensures your build is on track.

In this course we:

  • Define model schemas
  • Outline the benefits of creating schemas
  • Compare and contrast schemas at the functional area level and module level
  • Discover the influence of User Stories on model schemas
  • Summarize the steps and components in the schema building process

This course will take approximately 10-15 minutes.

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 It would be nice to have the time committment listed

Hi Dan,


This course will take approximately 10-15 minutes.




Good overview.  I am curious what tool was used to create the more detailed schema with "Anaplan" symbols? Thanks, JZ

Hi JZ,


We use lucid charts.   <--- Here is a template you can use. 



Has the template on Lucidchart been updated? I opened this link a few days ago to use the template but now there is no content/boxes etc in the template. It just shows "Anaplan 299" at the top left and is completely blank     Updated the link, someone must have gone in and deleted things out.  Please make a copy and do not edit the template. 




It provided very good understanding of Schema with sequential steps

Very well articulated 

Hi All,


I dont see any 'Anaplan 299' in above link,Just blank pages.Can any one share exact link?



Seems like people moved around the items again.  Could you please upload the template?



Good Article! Very well explained

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