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The Learning Center is a valuable part of your Anaplan Community experience. Your free access includes over 100 online courses and videos. With over 36,000 registered users, our goal is to help you get the most out of Anaplan as quickly and easily as possible.
Effective November 7, 2019
We have upgraded our security and added a new single sign-on process to enhance your experience across the Learning Center and the Anaplan Community. Both of these sites now use the same email and password for seamless access. You no longer need to log into your Anaplan workspace before you can register and access the Learning Center online courses. Carefully review the options listed below and follow the steps to gain access to the Learning Center quickly.
Option 1: I have a Community account, but I do not have a Learning Center account yet.

You are off to a great start! If you are logged into your Anaplan Community account while reading this article, just open a new browser and visit Our new single sign-on process will recognize your Community account and will get you in shortly. You will see a dashboard page appear with easy access to Featured courses as well as over 100 other resources. Update your user profile by clicking the drop-down arrow by your name (top right corner).

Click here to download our new Learning Center tour guide for easy-to-follow instructions. 

Option 2: I do not have a Community account or a Learning Center account. 

Welcome! Let's get you started by signing you up for a new Community account. The Community account grants you single sign-on access to both sites. 

  • Open a new browser tab (so you can keep this page visible) and visit
  • When the login screen (below) appears, click the link at the bottom Need help signing in? and then select the Register an account link.

Click "Need help signing in?" to beginClick "Need help signing in?" to begin

  • Complete the Community account registration screen (see below) including the following screen to enter your password and selecting security question & answer.


  • After your registration process is complete, you may be redirected back to the login screen, your new Community home page, or your Learning Center dashboard. At any time in the future, you can simply go to and log in with your email address and the new password you entered above for unrestricted access to over 100 online courses to help you in your Anaplan journey.

If you need assistance at any time, please don't hesitate to send an email to and include all the details of your request. Please include a screenshot if that would be helpful to understand any issues you may have encountered in the registration process.

Thank you!

The Anaplan Academy Team

Click here to download our new Learning Center tour guide for easy-to-follow instructions.. 

Transferring Your Training Records to a New Email 
Email with your old email and your new email and request the transfer.
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Sorry for asking this but unless I am sponsored by my organization, there is no way I can learn Anaplan is it? are there ways for enthusiasts and people like me who look to learn and contribute to Anaplan in future get started with learning, unless I find a sponsor? PLease help me if there are any other ways to enroll for the learning plan...

unable to access learning center. When I update the information, system mentions that I requested the change of email(Which i didn't) and gets stuck at update profile page. any help is much appreciated.