Using ISFIRSTOCCURRENCE with Transactional Data

Summary: This lesson explains how the functionality ISFIRSTOCCURRENCE can be used to identify the first occurrence of an item. This functionality is useful for moving transactional data from a data hub to spoke models. 

Audience: Model Builders

Lesson Duration: 3 minutes

This micro lesson is included in Level 3 Model Building training program available in the Learning Center. 

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@L.A.Foster and @pam_pervenanze 

Thank you for using a retail example in this video! Really glad this video is part of the L3 certification. I use this function all the time. It's basically the function that simulates the "remove duplicates" in Excel. It also helps me from having to delete entire lists and rebuild them. Without a doubt ISFIRSTOCCURANCE() is one of the best functions for data integration. Thanks for posting this great video!

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