List Prioritization Common Issues

These are some common questions and issues regarding prioritizing lists in the Predictive Insights platform. Please review the information below and follow the instructions to troubleshoot the issue you may have encountered. If you continue to experience issues, please contact customer support.

What is the List Prioritization flow?

Predictive Insights allows you to score and enrich (append with indicators) lists of records against existing markets (predictive models).

I’m trying to upload my file to the platform and receive an error message stating I have duplicate column headers.


This error message means that you have more than one column with the same name in the file. In order to resolve the issues, simply rename or remove the duplicate column before uploading the file again.

I’m trying to upload my file to the platform and receive an error message stating I have a bad header or a missing header.


Open the file you’re trying to upload and review it. The error message can imply one of the following cases:

  1. If you found a column that contains data but has no header, please add a header name.
  2. In some cases, a column with no data may appear empty while that is not truly the case. This would typically happen in columns that follow “regular columns” that contain data. To resolve this issue, please delete any empty columns before uploading the file again.

I received an email with an error notification following the list submission.

In the field mapping stage, you may have selected an incorrect optional field type. Upload the list again and identify the correct field type to map the fields in your file into, according to the information below.

  • Generic Date Time Field for dates.
  • Generic Number Filed should be number only and not include any special characters such as $, commas etc.
  • Generic Word Field should be strings only.
  • Generic Varchar Field for alphanumeric data.

I have run my list through the List Prioritization process, but the records in the list weren’t matched (weren’t appended with a company ID) and no indicators were appended to the records.

Open the file that you have uploaded, review the column headers and check whether any of them contain a special character. If so, remove the special character before submitting the list to be prioritized again.

In the export file, I can see that scores are returned even though the records seem to be unmatched (there are no Company ID values for these records).

A record can have a score (score>0) and not be matched if there are lead-level features, custom fields or validators used in the predictive model. In order to check whether such data was used, go to Other/Market Settings; If lead-level features or generic fields were mapped, or if validators were enabled in the market, it is likely these fields are the source of scores for the unmatched records.

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