Predictive Insights - Eloqua Integration

Predictive Insights Eloqua Integration Overview

Predictive Insights’s Solution for Eloqua utilizes the power of AI and predictive analytics to score and enrich your leads within Oracle’s Eloqua in real-time, as well as push lists of leads from Predictive Insights into Eloqua. Predictive Insights leverages your data and combines it with its vast database to enable multi- dimensional predictive scoring. Integrations with Eloqua and your CRM let you extend the value of predictive marketing and sales directly into your marketing and sales workflows, campaigns, and lead management processes.

This guide will walk you through the necessary actions which are required in order to set up the integration between your Predictive Insights platform instance and Eloqua. The actions are as follows:

  • Pre-Configuration: Establish the connection between Predictive Insights and Eloqua
    • Install the Mintigo app in Eloqua
    • Allow Predictive Insights to access Eloqua
  • Integration Setup: Set up the details for the integration in Eloqua
    • Create fields and/or a Custom Data Object to store the Predictive Insights data
    • Set up a Mintigo Cloud Action in a campaign or a program canvas o Test the connection with Predictive Insights by sending records through a Mintigo Cloud Action
    • Create an error-handling step in the canvas
    • Connect the Mintigo Cloud Action to other steps and finalize integration


There are several pre-configuration actions that should be taken before the actual Predictive Insights-Eloqua integration can be configured.

Pre-Configuration of Eloqua

The user which would perform the integration on the Eloqua side should be an Eloqua administrator, and preferably the same person who would own the integration with Predictive Insights as a whole.

Install the Mintigo AppCloud on your Eloqua instance

The app will be used as the connector between Predictive Insights and your Eloqua instance two systems. By installing the app you’ll be able to add Mintigo Cloud Actions to your campaign or program canvas.

In order to install the app, go to this URL and follow the three simple steps explained in the web page.

Pre-Configuration of the Predictive Insights Platform

Connect your Predictive Insights platform instance to your Eloqua instance.

  1. In the Predictive Insights platform, go to:
    • Settings > External PlatformsScreen Shot 2020-07-31 at 2.21.10 AM.png
  2. Toggle on the switch under the Eloqua logo. This will open an Eloqua window which would request your permission to access your Eloqua instance. Sign in/login to complete this step.

Screen Shot 2020-07-31 at 3.08.07 AM.png

Integration Setup

Once the connection between the two systems has been established (as covered in the pre- configuration stage), you’d be required to determine where to store the Predictive Insights data, set up a relevant Mintigo Cloud Action (or multiple ones), test the integration and create an error-handling step.

Create Fields and/or a Custom Data Object (CDO)

Following the selection of the Indicators in the Enrichment Tab, equivalent fields need to be created in Eloqua. This will allow the Predictive Insights data to be populated in the corresponding Eloqua fields. The fields can be created in any Eloqua object - Lead, Account or CDO - but it is highly recommended to create a new CDO for this purpose, for multiple reasons. For instance:

  1. The standard Lead and Account objects have limitation as for the number of fields which can be added to them.
  2. It is easier to manage the Predictive Insights data through a CDO.
Note: Although it is recommended to use a CDO, Predictive Insights customers often implement the predictive score and rank fields separately as Lead object fields.

Create a new CDO*
Please skip this stage to the field creation stage below if you choose to populate the Predictive Insights data in a standard object.

Create a new CDO in Eloqua. At the last step of the new CDO setup, please set the fields for ‘Display Name’, ‘Unique Code’ and Email address to have the value ‘Email Address’.

Screen Shot 2020-07-31 at 3.19.12 AM.png

Create New Fields

At this stage, you’ll be required to create new fields in Eloqua that would be populated with the Predictive Insights data as is being passed in real-time. For this reason, note that the Eloqua field type should align with the Predictive Insights field type. There are three relevant field types that should be used for this purpose:

Screen Shot 2020-07-31 at 3.26.40 AM.png



  1. Boolean: Most of the indicator values are of a Boolean type. When creating such fields, note that the checked/unchecked values should be set to True and False.
  2. Text: The Text field type should be used for Predictive Insights’ categorical indicators (e.g. Number of Employees, Industry), including the predictive rank field.
  3. Numeric: The numeric field types should be used for the predictive score field.

Set up a Mintigo Cloud Action 

Predictive Insights uses Cloud Action to activate enrichment actions in Eloqua. The Cloud Action step will be placed in the campaign/program canvas and will send each lead that goes through it to be enriched with Predictive Insights data. Every Cloud Action step instance can connect to one Predictive Insights Market and be set up to enrich a lead with up to 95 MIs/fields.

Add a Predictive Insights Step

To add a Predictive Insights step, drag it from the Campaign/Program Steps list to the canvas. You might need to click the arrow next to the menu title in order to collapse the display of all steps. The Predictive Insights action is called ‘Lead Scoring & Enrichment’.

Screen Shot 2020-07-31 at 3.31.52 AM.png


Once the step is on the canvas, you will need to configure the step.

Predictive Insights Step Configuration

  • Double click on the step element and click on the edit icon.
  • Go to the link. This will open a pop-up window that would lead you to the configuration window.
  • In the configuration window there are three screens. Please follow the details as mentioned below:
    • Select Market Screen:
      • Using the arrows, scroll through the Predictive Insights Markets and select the Market that you’d like to use. Click the Next button to continue.

Screen Shot 2020-07-31 at 3.33.24 AM.png


  • Select Fields for Scoring Screen:
    • Store contacts in Predictive Insights button: By toggling this button on, Predictive Insights would store the records and associated data sent from Eloqua to Predictive Insights in its database. This would allow you to export these records from the Predictive Insights platform and would improve the tracking of data quality from Predictive Insights’ side. Note that Predictive Insights doesn’t share your data with anyone.
    • Handle failures as error in Eloqua button: By toggling this button on, every failed call will be sent to a designated step in the canvas. This is important for covering communication errors, and therefore it is a best practice to turn it on. For further details refer to the section regarding the creation of an error- handling step.
  • Contact Identifier button: Should be set to Email. Change selection to Eloqua Contact ID only if this field is being used as the contact identifier in your Eloqua instance.
  • Field mapping table: This section is used for the purpose of mapping the Eloqua fields to the corresponding Predictive Insights fields. The values stored in these fields will be sent to Predictive Insights as input for lead scoring and enrichment. Important: Since every predictive model is built with specific fields, the model uses these to produce a scoring formula. Every lead that is sent through the integration must also have the same fields available in order to get it scored under the same conditions. The first rows in the table are marked with a red asterisk, which denote the mandatory fields that should be mapped.
  • Once done, click the Next button to continue.

Screen Shot 2020-07-31 at 3.34.41 AM.png



  • Select Fields For Enrichment Screen:
    The table in this screen includes all of the MIs/fields that are marked for export under the
    DNA View screen in the Predictive Insights platform. At this stage, select the fields that you’re interested in consuming for enrichment as part of Predictive Insights’ response to each lead it receives through the integration.

The ‘Eloqua Field’ column is used to map the Predictive Insights field to the appropriate field in Eloqua. The mapping can be done straight to one of the contact fields, or to a field in a CDO. As previously mentioned, it is recommended to use a CDO for the Predictive Insights data.

The ‘Action’ column defines what will be done with the data received through the response from Predictive Insights:

  1. Do not update: New Predictive Insights data will not be stored in the field.

  2. Update if empty: New Predictive Insights data will be stored only if field isn’t populated.

  3. Update always: New Predictive Insights data will be stored regardless of whether the field is populated or not.

Once done, click the Save button.

Screen Shot 2020-07-31 at 3.50.40 AM.png

Create an Error-Handling Step

Creating an error-handling component in the Eloqua canvas allows for some potential communication errors to be handled in an automated manner.

Create a Wait Step

Create a wait step in the canvas and set it up to hold leads for one hour.

Configure the Predictive Insights Step for Error-Handling

As mentioned in the Mintigo Cloud Action setup step, the relevant button in the Select Fields for Scoring should be toggled on. This would send very failed lead (call) to a designated step in the canvas.

Now, go back to the Canvas and double click the Predictive Insights step. Then:

  1. In the pop up window, check the Automatically route contacts with errors from cloud app checkbox.
  2. Click the ‘Choose’ button and select the wait step you’ve created before.
  3. Connect the exit line of the wait step to the Predictive Insights step.

From this point on, failed leads will be rerouted to the wait step and be sent back to the Mintigo Cloud Action after one hour. This period of time is usually sufficient for errors to be resolved.

Screen Shot 2020-07-31 at 3.59.24 AM.png

Connect Mintigo Cloud Action in Canvas

Connect the Predictive Insights step to other steps in your Canvas based on your desired lead flow.

At this point, the integration is active. Leads which go through the Predictive Insights step will be enriched with the Predictive Insights data in alignment with your configuration selections.


Q: Can the fields in Eloqua be created before the pre-configuration stage?

A: Yes. Note that it’s recommended to create the fields in a new CDO.

Q: Is there a limitation around how many MIs/fields can be configured in a Mintigo Cloud Action?
A: Yes. Up to 95 MIs/fields can be configured in one Mintigo Cloud Action.

Q: Can my Predictive Insights platform instance integrate to multiple Eloqua instances?
A: No. A Predictive Insights platform instance can only be integrated to one Eloqua instance, and vice versa.

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