Predictive Insights - Record Scoring and Enrichment in Anaplan


This document describes how to set up scoring and enrichment of bulks of records with Predictive Insights on periodic basis. Record information stored in Anaplan, (e.g., Account Name, Account Website URL, Person Contact Email, etc.) is passed to the Predictive Insights platform. This integration returns any of the following information in Anaplan:

  • Company information (e.g., Company Name, HQ Location, Website, etc.)
  • Predictive Insights’ Score (0-100) and Ranking (A, B, C, D) as defined on Predictive Insights’ platform
  • Indicators for enrichment (e.g., Company Technology usage, Firmographics, Hiring information, etc.) in multiple formats (Boolean, Text, Numeric)

The enrichment can be done for any market built within Predictive Insights platform. Per market and upon request, Predictive Insights will provide the list of Input/Request fields needed for creating the Anaplan Export Action and the Output/Response enriched fields that will be sent back via the Anaplan Import Action.

The data flows as shown here:



Confirm that each platform is ready for integration.

Predictive Insights Platform

  • The applicable Predictive Insights Market is selected.
    • The Market should include a Code field that uniquely identifies Account or Lead records in Anaplan. Navigate to the selected Market and go to Other ➡️ Market Settings to view the fields included in the Market. For example, if “SFDC Account ID” uniquely identifies Accounts in the Anaplan main platform, “SFDC Account ID” must be included as a field in the Predictive Insights Market.
  • The relevant fields for enrichment are enabled for Export.
    • Fields can be enabled for export by toggling ON the slider next to the field under the Enrichment tab for that Market.
    • Users typically select Predictive Score and Rank, firmographic information, as well as relevant Anaplan Indicators.
    • For more information about how to select the relevant indicators for export, reference the “Selecting Indicators” Training Guide.
  • The instance of Predictive Insights is enabled for integration to the Anaplan platform.
    • If the Anaplan logo is NOT shown on the External Platforms screen, contact Anaplan Customer Care or submit request to Anaplan Support.
  • The user has permission to set up the integration.
    • Depending on the existing settings in your Predictive Insights instance, an administrator may need to grant you additional permissions or create a new user.

Anaplan Platform

  • The applicable Anaplan Model is open.
    • Create a new Model for the purpose of the integration or use an existing model. Confirm the Model contains the Account or Lead records that will be scored and enriched in PI. Confirm that the same unique Code field used in the PI Market is available as a list in the Anaplan Model. Also confirm that other record fields like Company Name, Company URL, Contact/Lead Email Address that appear in the PI Market are available.
    • The Anaplan model may be the original source of the data used to build the, in which case you may reference existing Modules to bring data into the dedicated PI Export/Import Modules outlined in this guide.
    • Note the Anaplan Workspace ID and the Anaplan Model ID, found in the text of the Anaplan model URL. The IDs are also found in the “?” ➡️About section.
  • The user is enabled for non-Single-Sign On access through the Anaplan “Front Door”.
    • Note the username and password for later entry into Predictive Insights platform.
    • If you do not already have a Front Door log-in, uncheck the box for “SSO user” next to the user email address. Log out and log in through the Anaplan Front Door, then click forgot password and create a password.

Configure Integration in Predictive Insights Platform

First, enable a connection between the Predictive Insights instance and Anaplan.

Then, configure the connection for a specific Predictive Insights Market.

External Platforms

  1. Log in to the Predictive Insights instance containing the desired Predictive Insights model.
  2. Navigate to the Settings tab on the left side of the screen, then select External Platforms.
  3. Toggle ON the slider under the Anaplan logo.
  4. Enter the Anaplan email username and non-SSO password you created earlier. An error message will appear if the credentials are invalid. Then click Check Connection and Save.image.png
  5. Schedule the ongoing integration. Select the time and day of the week to run the integration. This can be changed at any time, with the exception of the Refresh Period which is set to be weekly and is the default for all integrations.
  6. Click Save. Later in the integration process you will return to this screen and click “Run Integration Now” to test the connection.

image.pngMarket Integration

  1. Navigate to “Markets” tab on the left-hand side of the screen and select the Market that will score and enrich records in Anaplan.
  2. In the upper right-hand corner of the screen select Other  Market Integrations and navigate to the Anaplan tab.image.png
  3. Input the Anaplan Workspace ID and Anaplan Model ID noted in Section 1: Pre-Configuration.
  4. Enable the applicable input fields for enrichment by toggling ON the “Anaplan File Field” next to the Field Name.
    • For most models the minimum required fields are Company Name plus Company Website and/or Lead Email Address. Required fields are marked with an asterisk*. Additional fields such as Lead Name, Lead Job Title, Company Country, and others may also be recommended to include if those fields were included as input data fields in the original PI market.
  5. Select the fields that will be sent from Predictive Insights to Anaplan in the “Exportable MI’s” box.
    • These are the additional Indicator data fields that will be appended to records in then Anaplan platform. These are the data fields that were selected for enrichment in Section 1: Pre-Configuration.
    • This box should not be left blank. At least one Indicator must be included.
    • In the example below, Cloud Technology, Software Suite: Microsoft, and other indicators will be enriched to records in the Anaplan platform. These indicators should be selected based on their relevance to the end user for filtering and segmentation.
  6. Select the fields that will be sent from Anaplan to Predictive Insights in the “Record Columns” box.
    • Include the minimum required input fields enabled above, in addition to the Predictive Score and Rank.
    • It is strongly recommended to include a Code field (e.g., Account ID, Contact ID, etc.) as a unique identifier. This is to ensure that data is mapped accurately between the two systems. If such a field is not available, use Lead Email Address, Company URL, or Company Name.
    • In the example below, Company Name, Company Website, SFDC Account ID are all included to accurately match the source record in the Anaplan Model. Predictive Score and Rank are the results of the Predictive Insights market on the likelihood that a given record will convert.image.png
  7. Click Save. Do not exit the screen.
  8. Prepare to set up the integration in the Anaplan platform by selecting “View Export Module Columns”.
  9. Leave this screen open because you will return to this page to copy input field names and enter Import and Export actions created in the next step.

Configure Integration in Anaplan Platform

Action to Export to Predictive Insights

  1. As noted in the previous step, log in to the Predictive Insights platform and navigate to the applicable model and select Other  Market Integrations and in the Anaplan tab click on the ‘View Export Module Columns’.
    • These fields must exactly match the Line Items in the Module and Export Action that exports data from the Anaplan main platform to Predictive Insights.
    • Note that the field names appear in two different formats. The Module and Export Action include the “Anaplan Module Field Names” as Line Items.
    • Make sure that the same Code is available as appears in the Anaplan Model. In the example below SFDC Account ID is the code that uniquely identifies records. Depending on the use case other fields such as Account ID or Contact ID may be used as the Code.image.png
  2. Log in to the Anaplan platform Front Door using the non-SSO user confirmed in Section 1: Pre-Configuration.
  3. Identify the existing list or create a new list of records to be scored and enriched. This list will serve as a dimension in the PI Export Module.
    • This list should correspond to whichever Code field is used in the PI Market.
    • If the Predictive Insights Market is Account-Based, this list should contain unique identifiers for each Account record, such as Account ID, Company URL, or Company Name.
    • If the Predictive Insights Market is Lead-Based, this list will contain unique identifiers for each Lead record, such as Lead/Contact ID or Email Address.
  4. Create a new module named “PI Export Module” or similar.
    • Select the “Accounts”/ “Leads” list as the rows and “Line Items” as the columns.
    • Copy and paste the Export Module Fields displayed in the Predictive Insights platform into the Line Items box.
    • Navigate to the Blueprint view for the PI Enrichment Export module
  5. Navigate to the Blueprint view for the PI Enrichment Export module
    • Change field settings to match input data from Predictive Insights platform. Verify the data type of Predictive Insights input fields by selecting Other ➡️ Market Settings under the Field Mapping tab.
    • Most fields in this module are likely to be text. Email and link options are OK.
    • The ID field that is the code for the Accounts or Leads list can also be inputted as a List type.
    • Verify the fields are identical between the Anaplan platform and Predictive Insights Platform.image.png
  6. Navigate to the Blueprint view for the PI Enrichment Export module
    • Placeholder data can be used. Actual data can be imported from at a later time
  7. Select Data ➡️ Export
    • Set File Type to Comma Separated Values (.csv)
    • Check the “Save Export Definition” checkbox
    • In the Export Name field, type: PI_Enrichment_Export image.png
  8. Return to the Predictive Insights platform and enter PI_Enrichment_Export as the Export Action. Click Save.

Action to Import to Anaplan

  1. In the Predictive Insights platform, navigate to the Market Integrations ➡️ Anaplan tab. Click on the ‘Download Field Mapping’ button to download a CSV Blueprint file that includes all the columns that need to exist in the Import module.
    • This CSV Blueprint will be used to create the Module and related Action that imports PI enrichment.
    • Every column name in this file must be included as a Line Item. These fields will include the exact the Line Items from the Export Module, plus the PI fields selected for enrichment.
  2. Create a new module named “PI Results Import” or similar.
    • Select the “Accounts”/ “Leads” list as the rows and “Line Items” as the columns.
    • Copy and paste the CSV Blueprint file column names into the Line Items box.
  3. Navigate to the Blueprint view for the PI Enrichment Export module
    • Change field settings to match input data from Predictive Insights platform. Most Indicator fields are Boolean although certain categorical fields such as Annual Revenue bands are text. Predictive Score is a number. Other fields are text.
    • Verify the name and data type of Predictive Insights input fields by in the CSV Blueprint file. image.png
  4. Open the CSV Blueprint file from the Predictive Insights platform. Save the file under a new name and delete all rows except for the header, leaving only the field names.
  5. Return to the Grid view and select Data ➡️ Import.
    • Click “Upload New File” and upload the file containing the list of field names
    • Set Default File to Admins Only and click Next. image.png
  6. Set up the column mapping.
    • The “Accounts” or “Leads” target column should be the Code field used in previous steps, (e.g., SFDC Account ID, Lead Email Address, etc.).
    • The “PI Results Import Line Items” should be “Column Headers”. image.png
  7. Verify that the Line Items have mapped correctly. The system automatically maps the fields so long as the file headers match the module Line Items.
  8. Click “Run Import” and verify that the action was saved in Anaplan. Name the action “PI_Enrichment_Import” or similar.
  9. Copy and Paste the action name into the Import Action field in the Predictive Insights platform. Click Save and confirm that Market Integration is toggled ON. 



Initiate Integration and View Results

  1. In Predictive Insights ➡️ Settings ➡️ External Platforms ➡️ Anaplan Integration Settings and click Run Integration Now to initialize the integration immediately.
  2. Monitor the process via Model ➡️ History in Anaplan to track the execution of the import action.
  3. Verify that the integration was successful by looking at the Results Import Module.


Special Cases

Multiple Predictive Insight Markets

  • It may be useful to integrate multiple Predictive Insight Markets to the same Anaplan Model. For example, there may be different models for different customer segments (e.g., Geographic regions, Account Size, Product Type, etc.)
  • Each new market is integrated via a dedicated Import Action that populates its own module. Follow the steps outlined under Section 3.b and 4.a above to configure the Predictive Insights Market and Anaplan Import Action respectively.
  • Export Action can be reused between different markets provided that input fields for enrichment are identical, otherwise, Export Actions from Anaplan should be created to reflect differences between the markets.

Multi-Product Markets

  • Some Markets in Predictive Insights may be “Multi-Product” and provide multiple Predictive Rank and Score results in a single scoring and enrichment action.
  • The Import Module and associated Action must include columns for each products’ Predictive Score and Rank fields
  • For example, a Multi-Product Market will have an Import Module with multiple fields for Predictive Score and Rank:


Add or Remove Fields after Initial Set Up

An existing integration can be modified to include additional Anaplan Insights after the initial set up.

  1. In the Predictive Insights platform, navigate to the Integrations ➡️ Anaplan tab. Search and select the additional fields in the “Exportable Indicators” box. Click “Save” when finished.
  2. Download the updated blueprint CSV file with ‘Download Field Mapping’ button.
  3. In the Anaplan platform, add the new fields to the PI Import Results module.
  4. Run integration once using ‘Run Integration Now’ option in Predictive Insights ➡️ Settings ➡️ External Platforms ➡️ Anaplan Integration settings. image.png


  5. After integration has finished once, the integration should be able to match the new fields automatically. If this does not happen, you need to modify import action (for example the PI_Enrichment_Import action) and, if needed, to configure mapping between new column in the action and new module field.
  6. Save modified import action. 
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