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Why your feedback matters

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At Anaplan, we strive to be Customer First in everything we do, and are committed to improving your experience with Anaplan.
As part of our continuous improvement process, we read every piece of feedback you share, which helps inform our key priorities.
We are constantly working to take action on your input and are thankful for your ongoing feedback.

What we've heard

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From our latest surveys, three themes emerged. First, you are interested in even more features in our UX.
Second, you would like more extensions with enhanced functionality so that you can integrate Anaplan with your existing systems.
Third, you would like more flexibility in our pricing models. Thank you for this feedback - we hear you.

What we're doing

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User Experience (UX)

Many of you appreciated the recent improvements made to the UX. We understand that parity with Classic, as well as more advanced reporting and design capabilities, continue to be top priorities for you. Based on your feedback, we’ve released a series of new features and capabilities within the UX to improve your Anaplan experience. We look forward to rolling out additional improvements, including an enhanced modeling experience and workflow capabilities.

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  • New UX visualizations: We recently released new visualization capabilities including Gantt charts, maps, and waterfall charts. You can customize these charts to reflect the exact information and data you need for maximum flexibility and impact.

  • Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) for the UX: Now, you can work with ALM features directly within the UX to manage the lifecycle of pages alongside models. This release of ALM is the first phase of more features to come that will help you better govern, develop, and maintain your Anaplan applications from development to production.

  • Dashboard Import Tool: To ease your transition to the new UX, we launched an accelerator tool that migrates module grids and standard charts from a Classic dashboard to a UX board page.

  • Collaboration: Our new collaboration capabilities enable faster planning and decision-making. You can leverage commenting, sharing, and notification features across desktop and mobile to communicate faster and bring more users into the planning process exactly when they are needed.


Anaplan Extensions

You told us that you wanted more functionality for our Anaplan Add-in for Excel. You also mentioned challenges upgrading to new releases, which we are reviewing with our development teams to help ensure smoother rollouts in the future. We realize how important it is to integrate your Anaplan modeling experience with other tools, and will continue to prioritize enhancing the features and quality of our add-ins.


Pricing and Workspace

Last summer we rolled out our HyperModel™ offering, which expands Anaplan’s multi-dimensional modeling capabilities, enabling teams across functions to model more complex scenarios. This offering provides even more flexibility to our core offerings around users and workspaces across your organization. Because of your feedback, our pricing team is assessing how our pricing structures can continue to evolve to best support your needs.


How else you can provide feedback

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Help guide the future of the Anaplan platform
by joining our User Research Program

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Provide a product idea or enhancement
via the Idea Exchange 


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