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In part three of The 3 Pillars of Connected Planning series, Chief Planning Officer Simon Tucker discusses the importance of the 'plans' pillar of Connected Planning. Read Full Article
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Check out all the exciting updates to the Anaplan Community in July, and take a sneak peek at what we’re working on next! Read Full Article
Created Jul 8, 2020 / Latest Reply by emilydunn
As we navigate new and challenging environments, our ways of working, and how we conduct business, need to be examined under the lens of these shifting circumstances. Read Full Article
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The Anaplan Academy is proud to present the incorporation of the New UX directly into our Anaplan Model Building curriculum. Read Full Article
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CoE Lead of the Year Rachel Goering shares her insight into how her Master Anaplanner certification helps her guide her team on the best way to structure models and incorporate best practices. Read Full Article
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Demand for Anaplan skills and capabilities are highly sought after across our customer and partner ecosystem—especially for those of a Certified Anaplan Model Builder. Read Full Article
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We have simplified the way we define and talk about Anaplan Add-ins and Add-ons to provide clarity. Learn about the new streamlined naming conventions and the “extensions” product family. Read Full Article
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In this guest blog series, Anaplan Gold Partner Spaulding Ridge examines the actions organizations are taking to leverage Anaplan to help monitor, analyze, and avoid pitfalls in the future. Read Full Article
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Take 10 minutes to test your knowledge of the add-ins. Get the latest information about the add-ins! Read Full Article
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With the unprecedented events of this year, warehouse space utilization planning becomes a key decision-making point to balance supply and demand. Read Full Article
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