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Jared Dolich—Master Anaplanner, Community Boss, and Retail Planning Enthusiast—journals his path to 'being first,' building confidence, and supporting the next generation of model builders. Read Full Article
Created Nov 19, 2020 / Latest Reply by lindascott
The Anaplan Community was recently impacted by spam messages sent via the Private Messaging feature in Community. Please click here to read more. Read Full Article
Created Nov 16, 2020 / Latest Reply by Hayk
Whet your appetite for the UX with this collection of Pages from our very best. See what Certified Master Anaplanners have been cooking up with the ever-growing list of ingredients available for the ...  Read Full Article
Created Nov 12, 2020 / Latest Reply by Ameneh
The Anaplan Community recently came out with many new badges to award and show appreciation to our members for their involvement. One of those badges is the UX Research Superstar badge. Read Full Article
Created Nov 2, 2020 / Latest Reply by CallumW
Changes are coming soon! Play along by answering four questions to get clues about an exciting item in our Extensions roadmap. Read Full Article
Created Oct 27, 2020 / Latest Reply by CallumW
Learn why Anaplan customers named us as the only Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for Sales Performance Management in 2020. Read Full Article
Created Oct 26, 2020 / Latest Reply by SandyM
In the complex environments of today, it is not enough to just have processes in place without system support. This was exactly the challenge a leading medical supply distributor was facing. Read Full Article
Created Oct 20, 2020 / Latest Reply by HendrikDeCuyper
The Anaplan Academy Learning Center website will be undergoing planned maintenance and upgrades on December 4-9, 2020.  Read Full Article
Created Oct 12, 2020 / Latest Reply by bob.nutting
When we decide to move from Classic to the UX, the new U.S.E.R. methodology can be extremely helpful.   Read Full Article
Created Oct 8, 2020 / Latest Reply by SonalTripathi
Anaplan Live! is an event curated to benefit you—the Anaplan model builder. Planning is under way. Let your voice be heard! Read Full Article
Created Oct 5, 2020 / Latest Reply by HollyRieke