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With the rapid advent of Anaplan’s Connected Planning, a time will likely come where we will have “Connected Planning natives”—individuals for whom dynamic, Connected Planning processes are as normal...  Read Full Article
Created Dec 10, 2019 / Latest Reply by SMarley
The Community Vlog is back! UX Design team members Greg and Mark share their insight on leading development with a customer first mindset. Read Full Article
Created Dec 3, 2019 / Latest Reply by JamiesonC
The Anaplan Planual is an incredible document, designed to ensure customer success. If you’re not familiar with this series of best practices, you’re missing out! Take some time to check ou...  Read Full Article
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Notice something new? Welcome to the new and improved Anaplan Community! Designed to deliver a best-in-class experience, it's everything you know and love—and more. Read Full Article
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What a week! User Groups Live! (UGL!) wrapped up two successful live-streamed events last week from the United Kingdom. Read on to learn more—including where to find the recordings. Read Full Article
Created Nov 18, 2019 / Latest Reply by KayneSchwarz
Learn how Anaplan quickly fulfilled the City of Tallahassee's need for a sophisticated and adaptable software tool to use for budget planning, forecasting, and other planning processes.  Read Full Article
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The Anaplan Community as you know it about to change...for the better! As the Community grows, we've been listening to our members and working to enhance your experience. When you log in this Thursda...  Read Full Article
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Planning was scary for Karen, a supply chain manager for an international supplier of monster goods. That is until she learned about how Anaplan can help her accelerate decision-making. Read Full Article
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We’re pleased to announce the expansion of single sign-on (SSO) across multiple Anaplan services! Read Full Article
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User Groups Live! from Singapore is a wrap, but you can catch the recording and get ready for our next events. Read Full Article
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