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Anaplan’s global conference dedicated to operationalizing enterprise performance continues this week. As we head into the last few days of the conference, you’re invited to join Anaplan Groups at Dig...  Read Full Article
Created Sep 21, 2020 / Latest Reply by AaronW
The new Predictive Insights section educates platform users on key features of the tool, and serves as a resource for integrations and other onboarding tasks. Read Full Article
Created Sep 9, 2020 / Latest Reply by BeckyOConnor
We're back this month with more from Master Anaplanner Sonal Tripathi and the benefits of using the Excel Add-in. Check out these key benefits and opportunities.  Read Full Article
Created Sep 8, 2020 / Latest Reply by SonalTripathi
Before we dive into DigitalCPX 2020 this month, let's take a look at what made headlines in the Community recently. Read Full Article
Created Sep 3, 2020 / Latest Reply by KayneSchwarz
Utilizing the power and flexibility of Anaplan's newest User Experience (UX) can transform the painful planning cycle into a seamlessly integrated process. Read Full Article
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This award recognizes Anaplan as an innovator in how we teach model building and the methodologies we use to bring training to life. Learn more about the award and our approach to learning.  Read Full Article
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The release last year of the Anaplan UX was one of the largest and most eagerly anticipated Anpaln product updates yet! Here are five UX features for you to explore.  Read Full Article
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Gaining Anaplan experience in the classroom through thoughtful use cases helps students apply the concept of Connected Planning and understand the value of not planning in silos.      Read Full Article
Created Aug 25, 2020 / Latest Reply by hdmatthews
Academy announces the availability of the Anaplan Solution Architect Certification. This certification recognizes candidates who have extensive knowledge of building and designing models. Read Full Article
Created Aug 20, 2020 / Latest Reply by ChrisMullen
As the days get shorter and schools are back in session, it’s a great opportunity to further invest in yourself and explore the offerings in the Anaplan Academy.  Read Full Article
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