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In part two of “The 3 Pillars of Connected Planning” series, Chief Planning Officer Simon Tucker talks about what companies should consider when importing their data into the Anaplan platform. Read Full Article
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With a rapidly changing economic environment, it's important for higher education to react and adapt quickly. Anaplan can help! Read Full Article
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COVID-19 has forever changed the planning landscape for organizations. Anaplan leaders share perspectives on success in uncertainty.  Read Full Article
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Learn from Master Anaplanner Andrew Byers in the third installment of this blog series. We're discussing Best Practices, use cases, and more.  Read Full Article
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Forrester conducted research found that Centers of Excellence (CoE) were specifically identified as critical for the success of maintaining and scaling your Anaplan footprint across the organization. Read Full Article
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The Anaplan Academy team designed the updated platform training (Level 1-3 Model Building) understanding that learning is constantly happening—developing tools to enable you and your team. Read Full Article
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That’s right! All Community members now have access to all of the great presentations and thought leadership shared in the March 2020 Anaplan Live! event. Read Full Article
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Lionpoint Group outlines ways in which model builders can enhance the performance of their models through a better understanding of how the Anaplan engine works. Read Full Article
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Anaplan enables virtually all retail, wholesale, and eCommerce planning activities. The value combines the flexibility of spreadsheets and the connected business drivers in common point solutions. Read Full Article
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Could I cut down inventory costs with Anaplan? Yes, you can! In this post, we delve into inventory optimization and supply chain planning.  Read Full Article
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