April 21, 2018 Release Discussion

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April 21, 2018 Release Discussion

Do you have feedback on the the April 21, 2018 Anaplan platform release? Share your thoughts below!

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Re: April 21, 2018 Release Discussion

I’m so excited for this release. If you want more tips on Dashboards, see this link: https://community.anaplan.com/t5/Shared-Best-Practices/Personal-Dashboards-Tips-and-Tricks/ta-p/3174...
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Re: April 21, 2018 Release Discussion

I have been looking for information on the enhancement release for the Excel Add-in that I heard was coming in Mid-April while at HUB.  I can't seem to find anything posted. Is there an ETA on this enhancement release?



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Re: April 21, 2018 Release Discussion

Hi Jennifer, 


Thanks for your interest! We're working hard on developing the next enhancement to the Excel Add-in - the V3 add in has loads of great features that are worth waiting a little longer for. We hope to release this enhancement in May 2018 (date is subject to change (but not by much)).


Thanks for your patience. 

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Re: April 21, 2018 Release Discussion


Is the recording from this release posted anywhere yet?


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Re: April 21, 2018 Release Discussion

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Re: April 21, 2018 Release Discussion



Great to see the large list of improvements included in this update, particularly personal dashboards is something I will check out for sure!

What I'm wondering though, seeing all the updates over the last months, are there also improvements planned for the UI from a model builders perspective? The reason I'm asking is that after building in Anaplan for over 2 years now, the UI is a huge source of frustration, particularly the blueprint view. 

One of the main painpoints is that navigation and building are currently quite inefficient due to for instance the lack of structured keyboard shortcuts; for example in the blueprint view , typing in the "Summary" field will bring up the pop-up and hitting enter will close it, typing in the "Format" will bring up the pop up but you can't use the keyboard to close it (need to use mouse to hit ok, like in most pop ups, costing time). But most annoying is that typing in the formula field doesn't automatically start editing mode, why do I need to double click on top to do this? Navigating through the rest of the model is nearly impossible just using the keyboard, eventhough from a productivity standpoint this would be hugely beneficial.

Another example of confusing navigation in the blueprint is the workflow of the UI, i.e. the order of columns. "Parent", " Is Summary?", "Start of Section" and "Brought-forward" are fields which in my experience are not used that often, but those columns can be found before the "Summary" column, which in my opinion needs to be reviewed for every line item.

Before I get to caried away, I hope that the UI is already something that is being looked into or I'd like to request that some attention is given to actually working/building with the Anaplan solution and not just to bolting new features on top. Currently I'd say that my exprience as a builder is seriously detracting from and possibly withholding us from Anaplan's huge potential.


Kind regards,


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Re: April 21, 2018 Release Discussion

Hi @Owen

Thank you for your response and enthusiasm for the new release. 


I am personally very pleased to see the enhancements to the referenced by column that will and already have made Administrators life easier for reviewing, and cleansing models.  You will be pleased to know that they are more enhancements to come; namely a comments field and the ability to export all of the system element tabs (Lists, Dashboards, Contents etc.)  We also have Dynamic Cell Access coming soon, which will revolutionise the way we model for controls over user and model access


As you may know we are looking at all aspects of the UI, including the “backend” for modellers, and whilst there is nothing on the short term roadmap, it is very helpful to have these comments to feed into the developers.

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