March 10, 2018 Release Discussion

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Re: March 10, 2018 Release Discussion

No apology needed,  We want you have all issues solved as soon as possible and our Support is best placed to help you


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Re: March 10, 2018 Release Discussion

Adding a hotkey for Search is great but why did you delete this option from the right mouse button context menu (please see screenshot) Users now complain that there is no fast way to run Search function. Quick toolbar is displayed only after user clicks on the tabls and it is yet to be added (by default quick toolbar is turned off). So users have hard time searching in big modules and are forced to use Upper left corner menu to find Search there.


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Re: March 10, 2018 Release Discussion

The search was removed from the context menu as it becomes more redundant with the addition of the short cut key and the quick access toolbar. It also didn't search the context of the column so it was felt it was confusing.
We understand there will be a transition period while the new toolbar is enabled but we didn't want it on by default in case it caused changes with dashboard layout. Newly published grid will have the toolbar on by default.
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Re: March 10, 2018 Release Discussion

Brilliant release!

Time Ranges will revolutionise modelling and the Quick sum will help to reduce "dump to Excel"!!!


User Filters, Time Ranges and forthcoming Dynamic Selective Access are game changers 

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Re: March 10, 2018 Release Discussion

True as seen dump to excel and now can advise my customers to use time ranges and sum instead - Great release indeed

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Re: March 10, 2018 Release Discussion

The new Introduction to Time Ranges course has been posted to the Training area of the Anaplan Community. Learn more about Time Ranges in just 10-20 minutes!

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Re: March 10, 2018 Release Discussion

 Hi Anaplan team,

The personal view feature is a great feature to have. Although, I noticed that the personal view would be reverted to master view once any changes are made to the master view of a dashboard. Hoping that it would at least retain the applicable filters. Cell count feature, thumbs up, dashboard toolbar feature, great addition and much needed.

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Re: March 10, 2018 Release Discussion

Hi Adithya,
Thanks for the feedback, it has been a much requested enhancement. In order to get the feature released sooner we had to take that decision as merging in changes is a complicated process. We asked over 60 customers at CAB and through other mechanism and the decision was unanimous that the time to market over rode this limitation. It significantly improves the current experience where all selections/filters/pivots are lost on session time. There are processes you can build around it such as updating dashboards on a monthly basis so users are aware of it. Alternatively you could take a copy of a dashboard and re-point users at the new version. This way they can make their default selections over a period of time.
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Re: March 10, 2018 Release Discussion

Important to note the quick access toolbar has to be enabled for each module published across all dashboards.

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Re: March 24, 2018 Release Discussion

Hello All,

Actually I have a comment on the March 24th release but the comments are not turned on on that thread, so I post here :-)

Has anyone noticed some language, currency or date format changes after the update?

My entire system is set to english (web browser, windows, keyboard) but Anaplan now displays all menus in french...weird!

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