Action Stations!

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In the latest New UX update, we have three awesome additions for you to try out:

  • Actions (Imports, Exports, Processes)
  • Search grid content
  • Image card


You can now run the following Actions:

  • Imports
  • Exports
  • Processes

This enables you to load in and export data, as well as move data around your models via existing Processes you have set up.

Read our full guidance on how to enable and run Actions in a worksheet.






Search grid content

It's easier than ever to find an item in the rows or columns of a worksheet-grid — simply type in the search text!

You will then be navigated straight to that item.

This enables you to quickly find what you need within a sea of data.

Read our full guidance on how to search for a grid within a worksheet.




Image card

You can now link to an image via a card.

This enables you to cycle through products or locations, seeing a representative image for each.

Read our full guidance on how to add an image card.