Anaplan CloudWorks + Google BigQuery: Blending data for decisions that stand out

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We’re excited to announce that Anaplan users can now connect to Google BigQuery through the CloudWorks user interface!

As organizations continue to acquire and consume more data than ever before, IT resources are often backlogged trying to support business users as new data sources are added. By simplifying integrations with cloud storage solutions such as Google BigQuery, the CloudWorks interface in Anaplan gives business users faster, easier access to data—without burdening IT. 

Our newly launched bi-directional CloudWorks-BigQuery integration gives joint customers an easy, no-code way to blend first-party and third-party data directly within the Anaplan platform. A native platform tool, the CloudWorks interface reduces the dependencies business users have on IT teams when it comes to accessing and aggregating external data sources in the Anaplan platform.

Setting up the Google BigQuery connection in Anaplan CloudWorksSetting up the Google BigQuery connection in Anaplan CloudWorks


Consume, analyze, and act on large amounts of data

Designed for business agility, Google BigQuery is a highly scalable, cost-effective, and serverless multi-cloud data warehouse. The bi-directional integration in CloudWorks connects to the customers’ Google BigQuery environment in their Google Cloud project to export and import data into the Anaplan platform. 

With CloudWorks’ native, self-service interface, business users can easily aggregate data from multiple sources connected to Google BigQuery, simultaneously automating processes within a single source of truth. As a result, analyzing large amounts of data and modeling forward-looking projections and strategies becomes faster and easier.

Schedule regular data-flows for agile decision making

For plans and decisions that evolve in lockstep with data changes, business planners can use CloudWorks to schedule regular data-flows from Google BigQuery to Anaplan. Not only does this help planners quickly inform and refresh forecasts across channels, geographies, and product lines, but it also saves them time by scheduling automatic integrations at hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly cadences.  

This quick, regular access to internal and external data is a game-changer for teams like human resources and supply chain planners. While managing large volumes of data can make workforce planning challenging, HR teams can use CloudWorks to streamline processes and keep people, skills, channels, and geographies aligned and in sync with third-party data refreshes.

Similarly, keeping on top of demand shifts across channels, geographies, and SKUs becomes easier with direct access to third-party data in Google BigQuery. Supply chain planners can replace manual data entries with automated integrations for faster, more granular demand planning—shortening lengthy planning cycles while speeding time to insight.

Faster, easier data sharing in the Anaplan platform

Native model-to-model import functionality in CloudWorks makes it easier than ever to share third-party data from Google BigQuery in downstream models. Data can be distributed from the Data Hub to Spoke models, such as a sales forecasting model in the Anaplan platform, to make data more readily available across different corners of the business.

For example, users can quickly and automatically update sales forecasts with customer-, product-, and opportunity-level data from Google BigQuery, which can also be imported over to a revenue model to analyze progress to targets and address business gaps.


Ready to get started? Everything you need is in CloudWorks today

Anaplan is thrilled to launch a bi-directional Google BigQuery integration that helps our joint customers drive even greater value from both products. Learn more about the Google BigQuery integration with these Anaplan resources.