Anaplan Connect 1.4.2


What is happening?

We are pleased to announce the upcoming release of Anaplan Connect 1.4.2 (AC 1.4.2). This is an upgraded version of Anaplan Connect 1.4.1 (AC 1.4.1) which was made generally available in March of 2019. Anaplan Connect 1.4.2 is available for download here.

Important note: Downloading and installing AC 1.4.2 does not overwrite your existing Anaplan Connect integrations. You may install AC 1.4.2 into a different directory.

Customer Action

We strongly encourage customers using older Anaplan Connect 1.3.x.x versions to upgrade to Anaplan Connect 1.4.2. Anaplan Connect versions 1.4.x support Certificate Authority (CA) certificates in place of Anaplan Certificates. CA Certificates follow industry standards and are more secure as they include a Public key and Private key pair for authentication.

Additional Anaplan certificates were provided by Anaplan in Q4 of 2018. These certificates were issued in order to allow customers more time to procure CA Certificates and transition to Anaplan Connect 1.4.x. The updated Anaplan Certificates will expire by the end of 2019, and Anaplan has no plans to provide additional certificates. Customers must either transition to CA Certificates, or switch to Basic Authentication if they choose to continue with older Anaplan Connect 1.3.x.x installations.

We strongly recommend transitioning to Anaplan Connect 1.4.2 or Anaplan Connect 1.4.1 as soon as possible to avoid integrations issues towards the end of this year. Refer to these blog posts for more information:

Anaplan-Generated Certificates to Expire at the End of 2019

How to Use Third-Party Certificates With Anaplan

Certificate Expiration FAQs

Anaplan Connect 1.4.2 Features

Anaplan Connect 1.4.2 includes the following important feature enhancements and bug fixes:

  • Ability to export data from Anaplan export action to a JDBC target database. Users can send records via insert or update mode. To learn more about JDBC exports, refer to the Anaplan Connect 1.4.2 guide.

Support for RedHat OpenJDK 8

Anaplan Connect 1.4.2 has been successfully tested against RedHat OpenJDK 8. Customers can now use Anaplan Connect 1.4.2 on this version of OpenJDK.

Bug fixes

Anaplan Connect 1.4.2 fixes these bugs:

  • Data corruption issue when uploading multi-byte chars (Shift-JIS, UTF-16LE etc) across chunks with Anaplan Connect 1.4.1
  • Anaplan Connect 1.4.1 throws null pointer exception with “-VI” command line option
  • Anaplan Connect 1.4.1 throws exception if Java is installed in “program Files (x86)” Windows directory, or any directory with special chars in file path name (e.g. brackets)
  • Junk characters output in Anaplan Connect 1.4.1 terminal logs in Windows
  • Anaplan Connect forcing command line parameters for domain/workstation for Basic proxy authentication.
  • NULL pointer exception in case Anaplan export has 0 chunks

Additional Help

Please reach out to your Anaplan Business Partner or Anaplan support team for any Anaplan Connect related queries.