Anaplan Connector for MuleSoft Refresh

Regular Contributor
We recently released an update to the Anaplan Connector for MuleSoft. The Anaplan Connector for MuleSoft seamlessly integrates Anaplan, other applications, and MuleSoft through a centralized web interface. The connector is designed to reduce deployment times and simplify your integration projects. 
You'll find a few key enhancements and fixes in this updated version: 
  • Connect now supports integrations via proxy server (e.g., basic auth)
  • Fixes to the "Export Streaming" option and the MuleSoft Transform Component in the integration flow. 
  • Ability to export Excel (e.g., XLS, XLSX) files to a flat file. 
  • Ability to refresh a list of Anaplan actions such as imports and exports without affecting the name of the selected action on the interface. 
  • Corrected error dump file bug to showcase compliant file names as seen in the user guide. 
  • Updates to follow API retry logic when faced with SocketTimeout exceptions. 
Please refer to Anapedia for more information!