Anaplan HyperModel: Model complex problems at scale and adapt to constant change

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As part of our commitment to continuous innovation, we’ve enhanced our platform modeling capability to provide enterprises with the scalability and flexibility needed to anticipate and adapt quickly to dynamic change.

Anaplan HyperModelsTM extend Anaplan’s multi-dimensional modeling capabilities, enabling teams across functions to model extensive scenarios. With HyperModels, business units and technology teams can explore complex scenarios with the scale, granularity, and performance required in today’s global context, and modify models over time to add more data, dimensions, scenarios and functionality as business needs evolve. 

Anticipate and Keep Pace with Rapidly Shifting Markets

Business leaders across all industries are facing unforeseen challenges. They’re now not only tasked with mitigating an unprecedented, volatile market and workforce, but are expected to quickly pivot plans and adapt to this new climate. Business leaders need planning and modeling capabilities that can seamlessly leverage large sets of internal and external data to drive highly-informed decision-making, fast.  

In order to make faster, more informed decisions, enterprises need the ability to examine a wide range of “what-if” scenarios. Running this scale of scenarios with abbreviated timelines to help manage market disruption means modeling teams need to leverage an increased data set with granular focus. With HyperModeling capabilities that extend the power of the HyperBlockTM engine, businesses can expand their models at significant scale to include more data and dimensions and solve more scenarios quickly, all in-memory and in real-time.

HyperModels Enable Businesses to Further Expand Use Cases with Ease

Screen Shot 2020-07-30 at 2.40.46 PM.png

Anaplan’s new HyperModeling capabilities empower users to expand use cases across finance, human resources, supply chain, and sales. Some examples include the ability to: 

  • Create a single, digital model of a business with unprecedented scale. These capabilities arm decision makers with the insights they need to tie operational drivers to financialpriorities. 
  • Seamlessly integrate large amounts of external, market-driven data with historical data in a unified multi-dimensional model so teams can develop more accurate and resilient forecasts.

Moreover, Anaplan customers are already seeing the advantages that HyperModels have to offer their organizations. “Historically Unilever’s large product volumes and robust offerings in individual markets made capturing and analyzing all relevant data in a single environment complex,” said Meenakshi Chhajer, Supply Chain IT Lead, Unilever. “Anaplan’s HyperModeling capabilities aggregate our large data sets in one model, making it easier to analyze trends, spot opportunities and create agile forecasts for all products in market.”

Anaplan’s new HyperModelTM capabilities will be available in the Anaplan platform in August. Review the Planual for best practices, and to learn more, visit