Anaplan Mobile - Oct 22, 2019 Improved SSO Login & My Pages!


What’s New
        Improved SSO flow! No need to enter your SSO name anymore. Enter your email and tap ‘Login with SSO’ button

SSO LoginSSO Login
        My Pages are now supported on mobile via the new ‘My Pages’ tab on the home screen

My PagesMy Pages

        Optimised loading data in a grid card in full screen view
        Optimised landscape mode for iPad on the login screen
        Fixed an issue where the Y axis on charts was getting cut off on the left
        Fixed an inconsistency with data displayed on the web and mobile for the same filter selection

Download Anaplan Mobile from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and login using your Anaplan credentials.

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Certified Master Anaplanner

One issue I found on my instance is that the SSO redirects me to the Customer's SSO login page, that I was at. I was expecting it to always goto anaplancorpprod regardless of the last selected customer. Is this the correct behaviour?


That is correct behaviour as you wont be able to use Anaplan SSO to login into a customers workspace. You will need to setup an exception user (non-SSO) to login to your customers workspace.