Announcing the Anaplan Polaris Calculation Engine

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We’re excited to share the announcement of the Anaplan PolarisTM Calculation Engine at Anaplan Live today! Anaplan Polaris is a next-generation calculation engine that expands the HyperblockTM family as a new calculation engine for the Anaplan platform. Harnessing the power of Anaplan’s core engines, business leaders can tackle complexity with efficiency and ease.

Model builders can leverage Polaris to model at the natural scale of their business. With an engine for any business problem, business leaders can propel their business forward.

  • Discover new insights across different data intersections to unlock new opportunities.
  • Modify and adjust data instantly to reassess hypothetical scenarios with ease.
  • Plan and solve for any type of business problem with the full scope of its natural dimensionality.




Check out the content below for more information on Polaris:

Polaris is currently in an early access program with select customers. It is targeted for general availability in 2022. For more information, please see the content above or reach out to your Anaplan representative.