April 2020 releases and sneak peek at May

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Released in April

Improvements to the New UX

  • Drill down multi-level: You can now drill down multiple levels from a cell number to find the breakdown of the number. This allows you to find out how it was calculated or the source of any areas that may be underperforming.

  • End user pivot (Worksheets): You can now pivot the main grid on a worksheet in run time mode. This enables quick analysis if you want to move some data from pages to columns to see performance over time for example.


  • Custom colors for charts: You can now use your own custom colors on a chart by inserting hex values so that your colors match your corporate brand.

  • Filter your context selectors: You can now use a rule in the model to filter your context selectors so that users can only view items that are relevant to them.

  • Filter grids on Boards: You can now filter grids directly on a Board just like a worksheet. Allowing you to get to the data that is relevant to you.

Making the mobile app better for your team

  • Use field cards to edit data on the go: Field cards are now available on mobile! If you’re using field cards on web, these will now be displayed and can be used from your mobile app.

  • Forms on mobile for data entry on the go: Forms are now accessible in the mobile app. Use them to quickly and easily add list items from anywhere.

  • Pinch and zoom charts: Use pinch and zoom on all mobile charts to see your data more closely.

  • Context selector filtering: You’ll only see valid context selector options in the mobile app to enable a seamless transition from web to app.

Enhanced information about the add-ons for third-party products

  • Your one-stop shop about the add-ons: All the information you need about the Excel add-in, PowerPoint add-in and Google Sheets add-on (currently on Early Access) in a single place on Anaplan Community.


Ideas delivered in April


Copy model from point in history

Community product information page (for the third-party add-ons)

Change colors to company colors in charts

Targeted for May

Disclaimer: Please note: The information here is subject to change right up to release go-live time. This post is not a commitment to provide any features by a certain time frame and enhancements to the product may change before release. Subscribe here and check back frequently for the latest.

New landing page for all users May 23

User experience improvements

  • KPI Sparklines: We are planning on enhancing the capabilities of KPI cards further introducing the ability to add a simple trend line so you can see the performance trend of your KPI.

  • Scatter / Bubble plot: Exciting New visualization for the Anaplan platform. The scatter plot allows you to show a relationship between two variables. It is the best visual for showing non-linear relations and correlations. Such as advertising spend Vs sales. We are extending the scatter plot further to enable you to size the marker so you can create a bubble plot. This enables you to add a third dimension to you data. You can then plot the points and size according to their values such as risk Vs effort for opportunities with the size of the bubble representing the value of the opportunity. This new visual will be available in the New UX only.

Improving the user experience in the mobile app

  • KPI sparklines: KPI cards can be accompanied by a ‘sparkline’ to reflect the change in value over time.

  • KPI scaling: You’ll see KPI scaling settings reflected in the mobile app, for a seamless web to mobile transition.

  • Deeplinking: When you open an Anaplan UX URL from your mobile device, you’ll be directed straight to the app or page that was shared with you, giving you access to what you’re looking for more quickly on the go.

Collaborate with your colleagues

  • Share a UX page: Share a page with members of your team and add a message for them to take action.



Mandatory Office add-in upgrade May 31

  • ⚠️ Mandatory upgrade for old versions of the Office add-ins: You need to upgrade to the latest version of the Excel or PowerPoint add-in if you are using any of the below versions. You can find information about the migration in this link or speak to your Customer Success Business Partner.
    Versions required to upgrade:

    • Excel 2.6 add-in

    • Excel 3.0 add-in

    • PowerPoint 1.4 add-in

Making greater calculation scale a reality

  • Raised limits on functions: To support customers building larger and more sophisticated models, we will raise the limits for the RANK, RANKCUMULATE and ISFIRSTOCCURRENCE functions. It will now be possible to use those functions across 50 million cells or items (up from 10 million)

Adding new events to Anaplan Audit

  • New user activity and security events being added to audit: We’ll enhance the Audit service to include new events in user activity audit logs as well as events for system actions. This includes events such as adding a User, deleting a User, assigning a model Role to a User, and executing a Process

Security UI Enhancements

  • Import wrapped key functionality: Now supports 100 asymmetric keys. We’ve increased the number of supported keys and character description limit in the admin console, enabling the encryption admin to do more with BYOK.

  • Security Certificates: Now supports 100 registered certificates in the admin console list. Tenant admins can also search for any additional entries with the find bar and manage these certificates.

Visitors Page

  • Visitors Page: This new functionality provides visibility for tenant admins to users who are temporarily in the customer's tenant. These users are from another tenant and have been added to the customer's tenant. These visitors are typically added to the tenant for model building or consulting services. Administrators can view a paginated list of visitors, profile information and assign the page builder role in the admin console.

Upcoming scheduled maintenance

  • May 2: Platform offline: Infrastructure update

  • May 16: Platform offline: Infrastructure update

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