August 2020 Releases and Sneak Peek at September

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Released in August

Enhancements To the Way You Model

  • Flexible time labeling: Workspace administrators can label their models with any two character prefix, to better inform end users of the particular timeframe those models represent. 
  • Manage users in bulk: Workspace administrators can easily bulk manage and remove multiple users in a single action.

UX Updates

  • Bulk cell delete: Blank out multiple cells in a single operation by selecting them and pressing the DEL key (Fn+Backspace for Mac).

  • Copy and paste: You can now copy, paste, and delete contiguous cell selections and entire rows and columns.

  • Customize your Home: Select and display the sections (models, apps, pages) most relevant to you on Home and hide the ones you don’t need. Your customizations are saved, so next time you visit Anaplan you’ll see things on Home just as you left them.

  • Filter models by workspace: Filter your larger list of models by workspace for a more focussed list to pick from.

  • Insert multiple list items: Use the right-click menu for worksheet grids to add multiple list items in a single go.

    • Right click your list in your worksheet grid to select Insert Multiple

    • Add between 1 and 1,000 new items

    • Your grid will refresh automatically to show your new list items

    • Respects the existing setting for whether users can manipulate lists in the grid

    • Right click on a parent item in your composite list and new items will be added as children

Visualization Updates

  • Gantt chart conditional formatting support: Use conditional formatting on the Gantt to set the color of bars or milestones based on business logic. This allows you to set the color based on factors such as late milestones, over budget projects, or under resourced projects.


image (8).png

  • Leverage UX ALM to create, save, preview, and publish pages with features including:
    • Draft pages: Page builders will be able to create new draft pages before publishing them.

    • Save changes: Page builders will be able to edit pages in development and save their changes as they go until their updates are complete.

    • Preview pages: Page builders will be able to preview pages from design mode so they can see how it will look and behave in published mode before they publish the complete page.

    • Publish pages: As before, page builders will be able to publish their pages, which will make their drafts or unpublished changes available to end users.

Board designer.png

Excel Add-in 4.0 release includes:

  • Enhanced UX: Users will see simplified ribbon icons and navigation and improved accessibility in Microsoft Office themes, including Dark Gray, Black, or White

  • Simplified access: Users can easily access Add-in help, email support, and ways to provide feedback.

  • Seamless upgrades from previous versions offer:

    • Redesigned installation wizard with pre-requisite check

    • SSO or email/password authentication in the add-in

    • Workbook conversion from the previous version

    • File compatibility within major versions

    • What's New

  • Extensions ideas delivered this month:


  • Optimizer has been upgraded, delivering performance improvements for Optimizer actions.

HyperCare Reporting V2.3

  • Improvements to the Overall User Activity report: Users can access new flexible start date/end date selections, summaries by user type, and inputs that display limited user activity by number of days active.

  • Access dashboards in Japanese: Users have the option to choose reporting dashboards in Japanese or English, and can select their "default language" by individual user.

  • Enhanced view of HyperModel high capacity Workspaces: View large-scale HyperModels on the “Workspace Usage” dashboard without skewing the relative size of your standard Workspaces.

  • Store granular Targeted model metrics: If you decide to remove a model from your Targeted Model list, the granular Targeted metrics data will remain in the model, with an option for model admins to clear it if desired.

  • Request modifications to Targeted Model lists: A new system lets you easily mark desired changes. They will be formatted into an email template that you can send us to have complete the changes.

  • Improvements to usability: We’ve enhanced ‘user access’ and ‘user roles’ data and provided overall usability improvements for reporting on a model’s look and feel.


Targeted for September

Disclaimer: Please note: The information here is subject to change right up to release go-live time. This post is not a commitment to provide any features by a certain time frame and enhancements to the product may change before release. Subscribe here and check back frequently for the latest.

  • Additional copy and paste enhancements: Improved user messaging and improved grid styling for when paste operations are being processed, along with another copy/paste speed boost.

Upcoming modeling enhancements:

  • Assign only action: This new action removes the capability to “un-assign” existing members as part of the Assign process. This ensures that a separate controlled process can be followed, if applicable, to remove “assignees”.

  • Order a list: A new Administrative action will allow a list to be sorted based on a numeric or text formatted line item. This functionality will give modelers the ability to define the sort criteria to help position new list members as desired. This will greatly improve productivity by removing manual steps when new items are added.

  • Classic dashboard import tool: We are working on an import tool to help customers minimize the work required to move a classic dashboard to the New UX. This will be an accelerator tool and will pull across module grids and standard charts from a classic tool dashboard to a Board page. The import will provide a great starting point to building out pages in the UX based on an existing dashboard which can then be modified as required.

UX Updates

  • Insert multiple list items: Add multiple list items in a single go via a grid context menu.

Visualization updates:

  • Map charts: We will soon be introducing map charts to the UX. This will allow you to plot Global and Regional maps, highlighting countries or States/Counties within those countries.

  • Dynamic Gantt: We are introducing the ability to drag and drop bars and milestones on the Gantt to update dates within the model. This will enable you to try out different scenarios by simply dragging a milestone to see the impact if it slips by a month.

  • Admin console ‘Workspaces’ on the New UX: In the spirit of bringing the classic and new UX experiences closer together, we are releasing a new workspace page. The functionality will be at parity with the classic workspaces page and we plan on further enhancing it in months to come. 


Upcoming scheduled maintenance:

  • September 12: Platform offline: Infrastructure update

  • September 26: Platform offline: Infrastructure update

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