COMING SOON! Page Access Control

Regular Contributor

We're introducing an additional, higher level of permissions as part of the New UX.


This will enable you to restrict access to app pages within the New UX, based on the existing roles in the underlying model.

For example, you could restrict certain pages so that only an exec sees them or ensure contributors only see pages relevant to their role.


Today, the New UX respects all access control built within the model, from:

  • the granular cell level of dynamic cell access, through to
  • selective access on a list, and
  • the module level access, set at the role level.

If any data has been restricted within the model, then it won't be visible in the New UX.


By default, all pages will continue to be available to everyone — but the workspace admin will now have the ability to restrict certain pages.


To learn more about the upcoming page access control, watch this video: