COMING SOON! Take Action on a Board - Editable Boards and Actions (add a list item, run an action)

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We designed board pages to be the go-to place to view key metrics and KPIs with quick and easy ways to navigate and drill down to detail.


When we surveyed our users (especially decision makers and senior leaders) they told us that dashboards were often too complex. They needed more summary information to deliver the right context before diving into the data to analyse performance, make decisions, and plan.


We’ve had lots of feedback from customers, partners, and our internal teams about having more flexibility on board page so users can "take action" straight away — we’re listening!


Taking action in a planning context generally means:

  • editing data in cards displayed on a board
  • running actions (imports, exports, Optimizer, processes etc.)
  • adding new items to a list (add a new employee or product into a model)


Over the coming weeks we will be rolling out some changes to address this feedback:


Editable cards — there will be a new setting for grid cards (Update) to enable data input via the card.

Here are some example wireframes — real screens may differ.

Editable cards.png


Forms — we’re rolling out a new Form action which will enable builders to create a form for users to add new list items into their lists. Created by the builder, the form will display to users as a popup modal.
Watch this space! Forms will evolve quickly, and we think, very soon, you'll be using them in a variety of ways to make inputting data easier than ever before.

There’s an example – but remember, real screens may differ.




Action card — We’re adding a new card type, the Action card. Builders will be able to add these to a board or a worksheet and select the actions they want to display. End users will be able to trigger actions by clicking the buttons in the action card. This will be really useful for running model actions (imports, exports, processes) or launching forms (did you know we released imports, exports and processes last month? Check the Knowledge Base for more info on how to use these in the New UX today.) 

Here’s an example — real screens may differ.

Action card.png


Closing thoughts

To quote the wise Uncle Ben from Spiderman: With great power comes great responsibility.


As a builder be mindful of all the users you have, don't drop people straight into the depths, and don't overcomplicate things. Give people the summary views and navigation they need to get to the detail. The power is in your hands. 


We are working on some design principles and recommendations for builders. Watch this space for more info and come join us at our CPX conferences in San Francisco, London, and Paris to have a chat.


Please keep the feedback coming! It is very much appreciated.