Changes to how we inform you about enhancements to the Anaplan Platform

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Along with providing great new functionality for Anaplan customers, the New UX introduced new technology to how we release features to our customers. You have seen over the past months that changes in the New UX happen quickly, without downtime, sometime multiple times a week. This means that we can deliver more functionality, faster. 

In order to make sure that you can stay up to date with this new pace of change, we are implementing some improvements to how we talk about changes to the Anaplan platform. We will be rolling these improvements out starting in January 2020.

Product update communications changes:

  • We will stop sending "All systems operational" emails following the Anaplan's scheduled maintenance. This is to reduce the number of emails that you receive about these releases. We recommend that you subscribe to the Status Page to stay up to date with the progress of our downtime releases.
  • We will be introducing a new monthly "what's been added to the product" blog post that will outline the features that were added to Anaplan during the previous month. This will take the place of individual product update posts. This will help you better track and understand new features in the product. Please note that new features may be added to Anaplan without an announcement on the day of its release
    • All feature enhancements will have Anapedia content available when the product change has been released
  • As part of the new monthly "what's been added to the product" blog post, we will be introducing a new monthly "what's coming this month" section that will outline some of the features that we are targeting to release during the coming month. This post will help you know what changes to expect in the platform that month. The information in this post is subject to change right up until each release is live. The post is not a commitment to provide any features by a certain time frame and enhancements to the product may change before release. The first of this post will be sent out in February
  • We will be decommissioning the New UX product update space. Please subscribe to the Product Releases blog to continue to get updates about enhancements to the New UX
  • The downtime reminder emails and blog post will continue as per usual

We are excited about the new opportunities these changes will bring and hope that these improvements to our product communications process will bring you more visibility into the enhancements that we are making to Anaplan.