Coming Soon: 18 November, 2017

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Disclaimer: Note that the information here is pending confirmation and is subject to change right up until the release is live; subscribe and check back frequently for the latest.

November 15 Update: We are working hard to deliver enhanced features and functions for this upcoming release. In the process of finalizing these enhancements, we determined that extra time is needed to successfully prepare all of these updates. In order to ensure an optimal customer experience, we have moved the majority of these features to the upcoming December 2, 2017 platform release. Please see the New Product Enhancements below for the November 18 release, and stay tuned for the December 2, 2017 "Coming Soon" blog for more details. 

We’re excited to announce our latest product enhancements coming soon on November 18th, 2017.

New Product Enhancements


Filter Models

Filtering options have improved with the new updates to the Anaplan Launchpad. Find models quickly by filtering using categories, such as Business Function and Geography, or even by custom created categories provided by Tenant Administrators. Furthermore, Tenant Administrators may filter the available categories by editing the results that are displayed for each.


Switch Customer

The Switch Customer option is now the Customer dropdown on the Anaplan Launchpad. The new dropdown is available when users have access to multiple customer accounts. This now allows for easy switching between all available customer accounts right from the Launchpad menu.



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