Coming Soon: December 8, 2018

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Infrastructure Updates

Anaplan will be making infrastructure enhancements to the platform on Saturday, December 8, 2018, from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. PDT. The platform will be offline during this maintenance window. Once the maintenance is complete, you can resume your work in Anaplan.

New Anaplan Certificate

We are pleased to announce the upcoming issuance of our new Anaplan certificate. This new certificate will replace earlier-issued Anaplan certificates due to expire in December of 2018. The new certificate will work with Anaplan integration clients and connectors using v1.3 APIs. For details, refer to our previous blog post and FAQ.

Why is this happening?

The current Anaplan-issued certificate used in some customer integrations is set to expire in December of 2018. Customers who are impacted have been updating their clients to use Certificate Authority (CA) certificates. We have received customer feedback that customer administrators need additional time to transition to new integration clients. Therefore, Anaplan is issuing a new Anaplan certificate to keep existing Integrations running and provide more time for the transition.

Who is impacted?

For details on customer impact, please refer to our blog post and FAQ. Any required action is based on your integration client and authentication method. If you are already using an Anaplan certificate in your integrations, you need to replace it with this new Anaplan certificate. The Anaplan-issued certificates will stop working as soon as the new one is available for download.

What you need to do

The new Anaplan certificates work with your integration clients in the same way as existing Anaplan-issued certificates. Replace your existing Anaplan certificate with the new one and configure your integrations to use the new certificate. For details, see our Certificate Expiration FAQ.

Additional Information related to new Anaplan Certificates

Questions, Comments, Kudos, or Concerns?

Do you have feedback on the December 8, 2018 Anaplan platform release? Share your thoughts in the December 8, 2018 Release Discussion.