Coming Soon: February 10, 2018

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Disclaimer: Note that the information here is pending confirmation and is subject to change right up until the release is live; subscribe and check back frequently for the latest.

The first Anaplan platform release of 2018 is coming soon! Preview our new product enhancements that are sure to optimize your navigation and increase your productivity in the platform.

Navigating Anaplan

The options and menus you commonly work with in the platform have been streamlined into a new header bar. Now, you can quickly access the Application menu, identify the name of the model you’re in, and even review your notifications when workspaces are full or nearly full from anywhere in the platform.

Note: The new navigation features are being released in phases for Anaplan customers. As a result, the new navigation features may not be available for all customers at the time of this release.  



Current User Filter

As a follow-up to the new Users list, a Current User filter may now be applied within the platform. This handy, new filter option defaults to the currently logged in user, and displays data and records directly related to that user.

Current User Filter.png


Bring Your Own Key (BYOK)

A new Reassign Key button has been added to the Encrypted Workspaces page. Clicking this button allows Encryption Administrators to easily apply new encryption keys to your organization’s workspaces.



Cell History by Date Range

The Show History menu now includes the Date Range option, which allows you to view cell changes within a specific date range. This new option complements the other Show History options, which include Last 24 hours, Last 7 days, Last 30 days, and All.



Close Button on the Dashboard Toolbar

The button formerly labeled as Cancel on the dashboard toolbar has been re-labeled to Close. This re-labeled button more accurately represents a user exiting the dashboard toolbar editor mode, and displays a Save & Publish window when clicked, which includes options to Save or Discard new changes when they have not yet been saved.



Copy & Paste in the Context Menu

Copy and Paste options have been added to the Context Menu within grids in modules and dashboards. Users may select Copy from the Context Menu to copy up to 10,000 cells. Selecting Paste from the Context Menu reminds users of the keyboard shortcuts that are applicable to your operating system for pasting your data.

CopyPasteContext2.png  CopyPasteContext4.png


Reference Columns in Settings Grids

Many new reference columns have been added to Model Settings screens, such as General Lists, Modules, and Actions. These new columns will specifically help model builders with streamlining efforts by aiding them in quickly identifying dependencies within models.

These new columns are categorized by “Referenced” and “Used” naming conventions, which indicate hard and soft dependencies, respectively.



Limitation Removed from RANK Function

There is no longer a limit of 10,000 for the number of groups that the RANK function will process. This enhancement removes the need for workarounds when using the RANK function with groups.

Learn more about the RANK function in the RANK Anapedia article.


DocuSign for Anaplan

Version 1.4 of the DocuSign for Anaplan integration will be available on Feb. 10. This release includes several fixes for the initial General Availability (GA) release.

Note: DocuSign for Anaplan is available only to Premium and Enterprise customers with a Business DocuSign plan or higher.


Other Changes

A new Managed By column has been added to:

  • Model Settings > General Lists.
  • Model Settings > Modules.
  • The Configure tab of lists.

The following new columns have been added to Blueprint:

  • Read Access Control
  • Read+Write Access Control

These columns are reserved for future use and not available for editing.

New Contributor

"Copy & Paste in the Context Menu" - is that supposed to be CONTENTS menu, or is there a Context menu? If so, where would one find that?


Community Manager

Hi @blake_gauer,

Great question! It is the Context menu. The Context menu appears when a user right-clicks a cell or line item.

For more information, check out the Dashboard Menus Anapedia article.

New Contributor

There is no longer a limit of 10,000 for the number of groups that the RANK function will process

Great news ! However, does it concern also the RANKCUMULATE function ?

Super Contributor

Hi Sotero, Good news! Yes, the 10,000 group limit has also been removed from RANKCUMULATE. The artificial limit of 10M cells, which is imposed to prevent ranking of large datasets, still applies to both RANK and RANKCUMULATE. Hope this helps!

Master Anaplanner/Community Boss

User Filter is a massive step forward.  You wil now be able to easily filter out the records you need and enter data accordingly as well as report on the figures.  The scalability and modelling challenges current disappear!!!!


At last, reference columns for the grids! No more exporting and using find on the formulas or applies to, or worse using the delete function just to find out where something is used!

Frequent Contributor

@wlederer we are happy to hear these features are going to be so useful for you! Keep the feedback coming. 

Certified Master Anaplanner

Current User filter and Refernced Columns are a very welcomed addition to the platform as a model builder!!