Coming Soon: March 10, 2018

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Time Ranges

Time ranges are coming soon to Anaplan! Useful for reducing sparsity, a time range is a user-defined, contiguous range of time periods that can be applied to any module or line item to restrict the range of periods into which data can be entered. Time ranges can help you create custom views, showing only the data users need to see and you can keep historical data in context without adding to the size of the model when a new year is added; each year of data can be retained in a separate time range.

Time Ranges - Model Calendar.pngTime Ranges - Time Ranges.png

Workspace Administrators will soon be able to configure time ranges in the new Time Ranges tab in Model Settings > Time.

Users List

Warning Message when Removing a User's Model Access

We're introducing a handy warning message that appears if you set a user to 'No access' and the Users list is a dimension. This warning will help to avoid situations where line item data associated with the user is deleted from every module that has the Users list as a dimension.


Quick Sum Bar

Quick Sum Bar.png

Want to see simple, automatic calculations on your grid data? The new quick sum bar will show the cell count, average, and sum total for a contiguous cell selection. It will enable you to work more efficiently without the need to employ external tools to support simple ad-hoc analysis of data.

Dashboard Quick Access Toolbar

We know it can be frustrating when you're viewing dashboard data and you're not sure if you're working with a full data set. You'd like to know whether a filter or sort has been applied, right?


The dashboard quick access toolbar will allow you to see instantly if a filter has been applied to a grid on a dashboard and be alerted when a filter is broken. You'll also soon notice a handy search box to help you find things quickly.  And, it'll be easier than ever to maximize and restore a grid on a dashboard.

Questions, Comments, Kudos, or Concerns?

Do you have feedback on the upcoming March 10, 2018 Anaplan platform release? Share your thoughts in the March 10, 2018 Release Discussion.

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