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Import Metadata API

The new Import metadata API endpoint will provide an import definition for module and list imports. This will enable you to use mappings on your imports without querying the import file itself.


Previously, Audit was only available for use as an API to extract Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) logs.

If you have access to Anaplan Audit, you can track audit events from your Anaplan tenant into technology such as a SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) product for alerting and tracking purposes.

Audit provides:

  • Encryption Logs. Available if your organization uses Bring Your Own Key (BYOK).
  • User Activity Audit Logs. Available if your organization has access to Audit.

Anaplan Audit enables you to pull audit event information from the Anaplan public REST APIs and the Anaplan Administration app. Anaplan Audit is intended as a delivery mechanism for audit logs and is designed for audit information to be pulled frequently so that you can leverage your own technology for filtering, analysis, and storage.

Note: Anaplan Audit is not designed to be a permanent repository of audit events.

The content of each log varies, however Audit provides:

  • Audit logs via an API and the Anaplan Administration app.
  • Up to 30 days of logs.
  • Filtering of logs by time period and application.
  • Information about who carried out an action, when it was done, and what was done.

Bring Your Own Key (BYOK)

Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) will receive the following enhancements:

  • On the Encryption Keys page, you will be able to filter the list of encryption keys by their Key Alias or Key ID. To filter the list, enter the first few characters of the Key Alias or Key ID on which you want to filter the list.
  • When you delete an encryption key, the name of the encryption key selected for deletion will be shown on the confirmation popup to help prevent accidental deletion of a key.
  • You will soon be able to view the encryption history for a workspace by selecting that workspace on the BYOK Workspaces page. Audit information includes:
    • Status of the encryption key action. For instance, Assigned, Unassigned, Assignment Failed, Unassignment Failed.
    • Key Name. Name of the encryption key.
    • Date on which the action took place.

DocuSign for Anaplan 1.6

DocuSign for Anaplan 1.6 will offer closer platform integration via the header bar. We're also adding support for the Percentage data type in DocuSign documents. Under the hood, we'll update our SSL certificates to support the planned renewal of DocuSign certificates in May 2018.

This release includes the following enhancements.

Access the Header Bar from DocuSign for Anaplan

You can now access the header bar directly from DocuSign for Anaplan. The header bar provides access to models, applications, notifications, and personal settings.


The following tasks are now performed from the User menu, in the top-right corner:

Change Account Switch between different DocuSign accounts.
Change Workspace/Model Switch between different models.
Logout Log out of Anaplan.


Previously, these options were located in the workspace and email address dropdowns, which have been removed.

Map Percentages from Anaplan

We've added the ability to include percentage amounts in DocuSign documents populated with Anaplan data.

  • When you're creating and editing envelopes, you can now map columns containing numeric line items formatted as percentages (including decimal amounts).
  • You can map percentages to any Text tag in your DocuSign template.

Updated Certificates

DocuSign will renew its DocuSign Connect X.509 certificates in May 2018. To support this change, we've updated the SSL certificates used by DocuSign for Anaplan. You don't need to take any action.

Known Issues & Workarounds

The following issues will be addressed in a future release:

Issue Workaround
The status of a sent document does not change to Complete after all recipients have signed it in DocuSign and clicked Complete. Refresh your browser to update the status.
If two or more of your DocuSign accounts are part of the same group, DocuSign information (for example, envelopes) from both accounts is available to logged-in users who connect the integration to any account in the group. You'll only encounter this issue if you have multiple DocuSign accounts organized using groups.  None
Selecting an envelope in the Create a new workflow wizard can take up to 20 seconds if multiple envelopes exist.  None
Leading and trailing spaces are not excluded from search queries. For example, searching for "envelope one " doesn't return an envelope named "envelope one". Check for leading and trailing spaces when searching for envelopes, DocuSign Workflows, or sent documents.
The column dropdowns in step 2 of the Create a new envelope wizard do not close as expected.  None
Workspace administrators can update envelope status in the Anaplan module. Non workspace administrators cannot update status, although the integration will work and documents will be sent out.  None
When reusing a DocuSign Workflow with the same module, certain document actions such as "decline" or "cancel" do not overwrite the columns used to track the envelope status. Clear the columns used to track the envelope status.
When an existing envelope is edited to use a different DocuSign template and the workflow that used the Envelope is subsequently edited, users are unable to save the edited Workflow. When this occurs, nothing happens when you click the Save button on a Workflow. When you need to work with a different DocuSign template, create a new Envelope rather than editing an existing one.
If you attempt to add more recipients to an existing DocuSign Workflow by changing the template, the workflow cannot be saved. Create a new Envelope Workflow with the required template.

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