Coming Soon: May 7, 2019 Quick Filter and Sort

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Quick Filter

Quick Filter enables you to reduce the number of data items displayed on dashboard grids without needing to understand the multi-dimensional aspect of the model. Quick Filter is available from the Quick Access toolbar, or from the context menu on rows and columns on dashboard grids.


You can:

  • Add a single Quick Filter to each column or row;
  • Show or hide all the blank cells in a column;
  • Show items based on the criteria that you specify;
  • Filter a row that displays a line item subset;
  • Apply a Quick Filter to a master dashboard or a personal dashboard and save that dashboard where Personal Saved Dashboards is enabled;
  • Create one Quick Filter for each valid selection.


On dashboard grids, List Filters are replaced by Quick Filters. The List Filter option in context menus is replaced by Quick Filter options. Existing List Filters are not converted to Quick Filters. Existing List Filters are available from the Filter dialog.

Filter Overview

You can use the Filter Overview dialog to see an overview of Quick Filters for columns and rows.


Sort data in a grid instantly

You can use the Sort Ascending and Sort Descending options in the Data menu to instantly sort the data in the grid.


Note: You can apply a single sort to both columns and rows.
When using nested dimensions, you can only apply a sort to rows if columns are not nested. Similarly, when using nested dimensions, you can only apply a sort to columns if rows are not nested.

Questions, Comments, Kudos, or Concerns?

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