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New parameters in the Round function

A new Method argument is being added to the end of the syntax for the ROUND function, with two available keywords: NORMAL and EXACT. NORMAL uses the historic rounding method, and remains the default behaviour if this argument is not provided in your formula. EXACT performs additional processing that minimizes the effect of floating point error in rare cases.

What does this mean for me?

  1. You don't need to amend your existing models if you have not previously observed issues with your use of the ROUND function.
    Existing models (including currently archived models that you subsequently restore) behave as before, and return exactly the same values for formulas containing the ROUND function.
    No formulas are changed in your models. If the new Method argument is not specified, the NORMAL argument is assumed.
  2. We suggest that you use the new EXACT argument for all new usages of ROUND in models you build.
  3. For some use cases, you may prefer to use the new EXACT argument with the ROUND function instead of using the MROUND function.
    Specifically, if you currently use the MROUND function to round an input value to a power of ten (for example, the nearest 10 or 100), you can instead use the new EXACT method with the ROUND function. To do this, use a negative value for the number of decimal places argument. For example, rounding to -1 decimal places rounds to the nearest 10, and rounding to -2 decimal places rounds to the nearest 100.
    If you want to round a value to a multiple that is not a power of 10—for example, rounding to the nearest 12 or 300—then you should continue to use the MROUND function.

Upcoming product changes

The week of November 18th we will be adding a new link "Home" to GNAV (no downtime required). Home will surface the most relevant work for users, such as recently used or favorite models, and combines this with improved navigation as well as a new look and feel.

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