Coming the week of November 18th: A new Home page

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Disclaimer: Note that the information here is subject to change right up until the release is live; subscribe and check back frequently for the latest.

What's happening the week of November 18th

A new link will be added to Global Navigation, "Home". You can navigate to this new landing page to view all your New UX pages, your My Pages, and your Models! If you currently do not use the New UX, you're welcome to use this new page to view all your models. If you are currently using the New UX, this is a great way to see your models and your Pages in one page. 

New Navigation

  • In addition to the familiar global navigation users have experienced in Launchpad, Anaplan Home now introduces breadcrumb-style navigation, allowing users greater visibility on where they are while using a few clicks as possible.


  •  Are you using our New UX?  Home displays a list of apps to which you have access.  
  • You can access a full list of apps via the View All link.


  • Also related to the New UX, Home displays a list of pages to which you have access and have recently visited.


  • Anaplan Home now displays a list of all of your marked favorites in a convenient side panel.


  • Home displays a list of up to eleven models to which you have access, displayed in order by date last accessed.  
  • For long lists of models, you can use the Find feature to refine your models to the specific one you seek.
  • You can access your full list of models via the View All link.

Will it always be like that?

The functionality available on the new Home page will evolve over the coming months as we continue to build out functionality and act on the feedback we receive.

Over time we'll be looking to make the new Home experience the default landing page for all users as they sign in to Anaplan but we want to give you enough time to adapt before making this change. We are looking to set Home as the default landing page in January 2020. 

What should I be doing with the new Home page?

By providing the new Home experience in this way we can ensure that you're comfortable and prepared for this change. Everyone will be able to give Home a try using this menu option and, as this is built on the same platform as the New UX, users can even bookmark the new page for quicker access.

Where can I go for more information?

Check out this space in Anapedia for more information about the new Home page.

We value your input! To leave feedback at any time, click Feedback in the navigation bar, then select Feedback.