December 2 2019: Anaplan v3 Connector for MuleSoft

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New and Updated Features

New and updated features in the Anaplan v3 Connector for MuleSoft include:

  • Support for newer MuleSoft 4 runtime environment
  • Ability to execute Anaplan Import action without uploading a new file
  • Other Fixes: 
    • Fixes related to file export. 
    • Fixes for Anaplan process-related issues.
    • Fixed issues causing duplicate rows in data exports.
    • Fixed NullPointerException errors encountered while running processes and import actions.

Support for MuleSoft 4 Runtime Version

The Anaplan v3 Connector for MuleSoft supports MuleSoft 4.1.1 runtime and above. MuleSoft 4 runtime simplifies the development of Integrations and enables customers to deliver applications faster. Some feature enhancements in Mulesoft 4 runtime 4 include easier manipulation of connector properties, DataWeave language for easier data manipulation, better error handling, usability improvements in MuleSoft Studio 7, better performance and scalability.

For more information on MuleSoft 4 runtime, refer to


Support for Certificate Authority (CA) Certificates in Authentication

The Anaplan v3 Connector for MuleSoft supports the use of public key certificates, obtained from a Certificate Authority (CA), for authenticating Anaplan integrations. You can purchase certificates from a CA that ends in a supported Root CA, then use your certificates for authentication with Anaplan. Authentication using CA certificates is considered a best practice in the industry, allowing you to leverage the benefits of a public key infrastructure.  

Anaplan continues to support Anaplan Basic authentication, using a user ID and password. 

For more information, see Administration: Certificates in Anapedia.


Support for the Anaplan v2 Connector for MuleSoft

The Anaplan v2 connector will continue to be available to customers for download and to set up integrations on Mule 3.x runtime. However, the v2 connector will not receive bug fixes or feature enhancements from Anaplan. All fixes and enhancements will be delivered in the new v3 connector. There is no planned deprecation for the v2 connector at this time. Anaplan will inform our customers in advance if this changes.