December 2020 Releases and January Sneak Peek

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Released in December

UX Updates

  • Mobile

    • Actions on mobile: Trigger actions that don’t require files with the mobile app. This includes imports, processes, and static recipient notify actions.

Actions on Mobile.png

  • Notification actions with dynamic recipients: Send notifications to users, drawing them into the planning process exactly when needed. Identify recipients based on how they’re mapped to your page context with a simple recipient mapping module in your model.

Administrator Console

  • Model size: The administrator user interface (UI) now displays model size in the model details page. Administrators now have a centralized view of all of their models across all workspaces that also displays memory usage, so they can better manage capacity of workspaces.

  • Model details: Additional model detail fields are now displayed in the centralized models details page, providing administrators with more granular information on each model. Details include creation and last modified date, last modified by user ID, and the last saved serial number.

Admin Model.png

Modeling Enhancements

  • Versions settings are now production data. Gain more efficient model management and greater flexibility with the following Versions as production data:

    • Switchover

    • Edit to

    • Edit from

    • Notes

  • Module Name column. The new Module Name column added to the blueprint view and line items tab for simplifies filtering and module name look up once exported to a third-party system.

Extensibility Updates

  • Anaplan Connector for Informatica updates. Key updates to the connector include:

    • Expanded retry logic to retry errors on Anaplan REST API calls

    • Refresh authentication tokens with long running integrations

    • More concise logging within the Informatica Secure Agent

    • Support for file compression when uploading files to Anaplan

    • Download error dump files from processes

    • Fully configurable Anaplan API and authorization URLs (for future use)

Ideas Delivered in December


Targeted for January

Extensibility Updates

  • Anaplan Connector for DocuSign updates. We are pleased to announce an upcoming release for the Anaplan Connector for DocuSign. This releases provides new features and enhancements such as:

    • Download logs for Sent Items. Easily download logs of sent documents and save the logs for offline review.

    • Delete Envelopes. Users can delete old and unused Envelopes, making it easier to view and manage all Envelopes.

    • Delete Workflows. Delete old and unused Workflows, making it easier to view and manage all Workflows.

    • Cancel one or more Sent documents. Select one or more documents from a Sent Workflow for cancellation while allowing other documents from the Sent Workflow to continue processing.

    • Update document status in Anaplan when a document is sent to a recipient multiple times. See the status of a document sent multiple times to a recipient. The status from the latest sent document will be updated in Anaplan model.

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