Drive intelligent forecasting with PlanIQ

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Effective business planning hinges on accurate forecasts. Anaplan PlanIQ puts the power of intelligent forecasting in the hands of more business users so they can leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to create and run finely tuned forecasts based on internal and external drivers.

PlanIQ empowers users to plan across a variety of scenarios quickly and effectively with automation and repeatability, delivering fast time to value and cost savings. Now, more teams can improve the accuracy of their predictions and automatically track new insights as business grows to further optimize business.

Amazon Forecast is the first predictive engine to integrate with PlanIQ. Key capabilities include:

The ability to train forecast models with AI/ML to equip users with quality metrics. Users can harness forecast models to generate accurate predictions.

  • Easily select Anaplan module data for model training.
  • Train forecast model automatically with Anaplan Auto ML or manually with pre-built. algorithms such as DeepAR+, CNN-QR, ARIMA, Prophet, or ETS.
  • Gain transparency into automated choices and configurations.

 Easily embed AI/ML forecasting into existing processes, schedule predictions and monitor quality.

  • Validate model training data automatically.
  • Surface and correct data issues.
  • Schedule forecast operations to match organization’s forecasting cycle.
  • Support ad-hoc predictions to allow planners to run forecasts as and when they need to directly from an Anaplan new UX page.
  • Compare forecasts with actuals automatically and prompt users to act.

Check out the following content for more details about PlanIQ:

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PlanIQ is currently available to purchase for all customers. Speak to your Anaplan representative today for more information.