Enhancements to Anaplan Transactional APIs: List & Model Metadata APIs

Community Boss
As a quick recap, Anaplan Transactional APIs drive agile integrations, deliver requirements faster, and help customers make the most of their IT investments. Customers can easily set up Anaplan integrations with minimal prep work. Once set up, customers can quickly access information on model and workspace properties.  
The new set of Transactional APIs focuses on the ability to make quick changes to your list items and query detailed properties about your models. With these APIs, customers can now select lists at runtime and update them without the need to create Import and Export actions. Customers can now gain more visibility into their Anaplan models and quickly determine if certain properties have changed.  Read on below to see a complete list of API updates: 
Key Features 
  • List APIs
    • Add List items without using Import action
    • Update List items without using Import action
    • Delete List items  without using Delete action 
  • Metadata APIs
    • Retrieve Version Metadata 
    • Version switchover period 
All Transactional APIs are now available to all customers and partners. Read the API documentation for more information, review the Anapedia article, and visit Anaplan.com/platform/extensibility/.  
Check out the latest Transactional APIs in action with the demo video below: