Explore the New Modeling Experience

Community Boss

You can now choose whether to open models in the New experience via a toggle on the Home page or continue to use the Classic experience. In the New Modeling Experience, model builders will be able to access new capabilities, such as a formula editor and fast access to modeling screens to improve productivity. End users will experience a new look and feel for smoother navigation and faster access to the information they need most from models. Classic dashboards are still supported in the New Modeling Experience, which is compatible with all models. Opting-in to the New Modeling Experience provides access to new capabilities, including:    

Sleek new look and feel that is aligned with the Anaplan UX
New intuitive formula editor so you can highlight syntax to improve accuracy and easily read formulas
Model object search to quickly access models, lists, and dashboards
Open lists as discrete object tabs to streamline your experience
Enhanced navigation for faster access to modeling screens and objects
Quickly switch models using the global navigation model selector
Deep linking to share specific model objects via individual URLs

Check out the Anapedia documentation and New Modeling Experience demo video below for more information.

Note that in line with industry best practices, the New Modeling Experience will not support IE11. While you’ll be able to choose between the New and Classic experience initially, we advise that you and your organization begin to adopt a new default browser now so you can fully enjoy the New experience.