Introducing Centralized Identity Management (CIM)

Community Boss

We’re excited to begin rolling out Centralized Identity Management (CIM). CIM is designed to empower administrators to manage all the users in their tenant from a single pane of glass, providing a high level of security and trust for users, data, and the environment.

CIM will be deployed in multiple phases. As of March 4, customers can now assign the User Admin role.

The ability for the User Admin to assign users to workspaces using the Administration UI will will be released with the launch of Phase 2, scheduled for May 25. 

The ability to add and remove users within the users tab of the workspace will be removed from the Workspace Administrator role in Phase 2 as well. Workspace Administrators will continue to be able to set model-level permissions within models.

If an individual set to Workspace Administrator needs to continue to add users to workspaces, they will need to be assigned the User Administrator role within Administration once the next phase is available. After that release, when a user is first added to a workspace, that users default access will be ”no access”. It is then the Workspace Administrator’s responsibility to define the model access for that newly added user.

Check out this Anapedia article for more information.

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