January 2020 releases

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Released in January 2020

  • Usability enhancements to make the New UX easier to use

    • Convert My Pages to an App Page: Page builders can convert their My Pages into App Pages that can then be shared with other users within their organization.

    • See more of context selectors: Context selectors have been updated so the width is increased and the indents decreased. This update allows users to see more of the context selector horizontally, which is particularly useful if the context selector has many levels.

    • End user Show/Hide columns and rows: End users now have the ability to quickly select specific columns or rows they are interested in on a worksheet so they can narrow down the data to the task at hand.

  • Page builder enhancement to make designing custom views more intuitive

    • Conditional formatting retained after pivot: For page builders -now when you create conditional formatting in a custom view in the New UX and then decide you want to re-pivot your view, your conditional formatting is retained. This enables you to have conditional formatting on line items on pages so the rule can be applied across the whole grid.

    • Icon to denote dimension’s type: As in the Classic user interface, you now have icons next to the dimensions in the pivot dialog to show what type each dimension is at a glance (e.g. line items, list, list subset, etc)

    • Card source module: As a builder you can now easily see the name of the source module for a card via the card menu. You can also select the menu item and it will open up the model in a separate browser tab helping you get to the source module more easily. The model will open on the default landing dashboard.

  • Chart updates

    • Chart export: You can now export any chart as an image on a Board or Worksheet. Chart export supports the following types:

      • png

      • svg

      • jpeg

    • Auto-axis on waterfall charts: A new setting has been added to the waterfall chart to set the axis to auto-size. If you have a waterfall chart with minimal increments and decrements with similar starting and end totals this effectively allows you to zoom in to the data by the axis auto-sizing around the data giving you a clearer picture of the changes.

  • Enhancements to the mobile app

    • Data input on the app : Users can now edit numbers, text, date, or list items in grids on mobile boards or worksheets

  • Improvements to the extensibility of Anaplan

Targeted for February 2020

Disclaimer:  Please note: The information here is subject to change right up to release go-live time. This post is not a commitment to provide any features by a certain time frame and enhancements to the product may change before release. Subscribe here and check back frequently for the latest.
  • Formula viewer - In the New UX users will be able to select a cell in a grid and then see the formula that derived the number. This enables end users to see how values are calculated. This will be the first iteration of drill down as we build towards the drill down we have in classic today.

  • Boards

    • Board pdf export - We are adding the capability to export a single Board page to pdf. This will be a simple WYSIWYG pdf export so you can share the Board page with others as a pdf.

    • Grid search - We are adding a search capability to grids on Boards so you can get to the data you need quickly. This will work in the same way as the search capability we have on worksheets today.

  • Context selector updates - We are updating page header context selectors so the builder can select which items they want end users to be able select from in the list. For example the builder could set the line items they want to make available for end users to select on the page.

  • Forms input validation - We’re adding a set of simple rules that page builders can set against text formatted items in forms to better support end users with inputting the correct data. Page builders can configure form fields to be mandatory/optional and only contain inputs using pre-defined character sets like numbers, alpha characters and special characters.

  • Forms line item support - As well as using forms to populate list properties, we’re adding the ability to include line items from a chosen module into forms as well. Using a form with line item fields provides a quick and easy way for end users to create new list items and provide relevant values and data against them - all added directly to the model.

  • Anaplan Home as your new Anaplan access point - We had previously communicated that we would be changing the way that you get into Anaplan by bringing the New UX and models closer together in the new Anaplan Home. While you can still access the Home page through the hamburger menu in the top left-hand side of Anaplan, we are pushing back the date for this redirect by a month or two to ensure that we can provide you with a great experience. Keep an eye out for more information about the Home page and how it will unify your Anaplan experience.

Upcoming scheduled maintenance

  • February 8th, 1pm - 5pm PDT

  • February 22nd, 1pm - 5pm PDT

Please see all of our scheduled platform maintenance in the Platform Events page

Targeted for March 2020

Disclaimer:  Please note: The information here is subject to change right up to release go-live time. This post is not a commitment to provide any features by a certain time frame and enhancements to the product may change before release. Subscribe here and check back frequently for the latest.
  • Excel add-in 3.4 and PowerPoint add-in 1.6We are planning to release new versions of the Excel and PowerPoint add-ins in March 2020. New features will be announced in next month’s post. As an early notice, we would like to highlight:

  • End of Windows 7 support for Excel and PowerPoint add-ins. On January 14, 2020 Microsoft stopped updating or providing support for Windows 7. We are following this move by stopping the support of Windows 7 for our add-ins. This decision enables us to dedicate all our time and effort to improving the add-ins for users of more recent Windows versions. As a result, users of Windows 7 will still be able to use previous and new versions of the add-ins and there is no action to take for them. The consequences are that bugs associated to Windows 7 might not be resolved. The mitigation for users would be to consult with their IT organization to move on from Windows 7.

  • No changes to pre-requisites. The pre-requisites will not change compared to the previous version. Learn more about the pre-requisites for Excel and PowerPoint add-ins.

  • Deprecation of Excel add-in 2.6, 3.0 and PowerPoint add-in 1.4. The deprecation deadline has been extended to 31 May, 2020 to give customers more time to upgrade to the new versions. Please check our previous what’s new blog post for more information.

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