July 2021 Releases and August Sneak Peek

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Platform enhancements released in July

Planning & Modeling

Explore updates to the New Modeling Experience:

  • Enhanced model object search: Model builders can now use the model object search capability to quickly look for and find Saved Views and Line Item Subsets. The layout of the search dialogue has been updated to accommodate these new categories.

Planning & Modeling 1.png


  • Find in table of contents: Easily find modules, views, and dashboards in the table of contents with the find capability.

Table of contents.png


User Experience

  • Management Reporting is now live: Anaplan Management Reporting is now available in the UX! Create formatted, customizable reports that highlight key insights in an easily understandable layout for stakeholders to sharpen their decisions. Current Management Reporting capabilities include:

MR 2.png


  • Grid enhancements on mobile: Edit grids in the mobile app without maximizing the card for even faster editing that allows you to see charts and cards update as you make changes on the go.

  • Excel Add-in 4.3: Increase productivity by rolling out the Excel Add-in faster to a wider set of users. This version allows users to clone the connections of an entire workbook into a new workbook, open workbooks with duplicate connections, as well as to install for multiple users. Join the feedback group to get the latest version now, before it becomes available in Anapedia in August.

Enterprise Scale & Security

  • Anaplan on Google Cloud is available for U.S. customers: New U.S. customers can access more choice and flexibility, as well as further extend their transformation capabilities with our Connected Planning platform on Google Cloud. Read the blog for more details.

Platform updates targeted for August

Disclaimer: Please note: The information here is subject to change right up to release go-live time. This post is not a commitment to provide any features by a certain time frame and enhancements to the product may change before release. Subscribe here and check back frequently for the latest.

Planning & Modeling

  • New Modeling Experience: More updates to the modeling experience are set to release in July:

    • Bulk open from table of contents: Users will be able to quickly open all the objects inside a functional area in the table of content from a single click

    • Tab reordering: Users will be able to quickly reorder their model object tabs in the tab bar.

    • Formula indentation: Model builders will soon be able to leverage indentation formatting in the new formula editor.

User Experience

  • In-product notifications for @mentions and page shares: Get notified when tagged (@mentioned) in a comment or when a page is shared with you, without leaving the Anaplan platform. Receive notification alerts in the notification bell for easier navigation to the most relevant areas for you. Access relevant context/page/comment without needing to check e-mail, Slack, or mobile outside the Anaplan environment.


Enhancements to PlanIQ: Seasonality and trend explainability in PlanIQ will make it easier to understand your data and predict the future. Usability enhancements will improve the efficiency of building out forecasts in PlanIQ and provide more transparency into your system.

  • Receive notifications in by email and in the bell icon when PlanIQ actions complete to work efficiently in PlanIQ
  • View all forecast action activity to see history of forecast action runs and failed action reports
  • Efficiently build out data collections with pre-filled data for related data and attributes
  • Expand PlanIQ use cases by bringing Boolean data into PlanIQ as related data


  • Anaplan Connector for DocuSign: Soon the Anaplan Connector for DocuSign will be updated with a more streamlined user interface consistent with the Anaplan UX.

Upcoming scheduled maintenance:

  • August 14: Platform offline: Infrastructure update
  • August 21: Platform offline: Infrastructure update

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