June 2021 Releases and July Sneak Peek

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Platform Enhancements Released in June

Planning & Modeling

Explore updates to the New Modeling Experience:

  • Flexible formula editor: Model builders can now reposition and resize the new formula editor, providing more flexibility when viewing and working with large formulas.



  • Reopen the landing dashboard: Users can quickly reopen their default or landing dashboard directly from the table of contents.


User Experience

Enhanced look and feel: A few updates have been made to refresh the look and feel of the Anaplan experience to align across desktop, mobile, Anapedia, and Anaplan.com.

  • New colors and textures: The color scheme has been updated on the user interface across the navigation bar and hero header, along with new image textures on the hero header.

Image from iOS (102).png


  • Workspace names on home: Workspace names are now listed to the model cards on home, making it even easier to navigate to the correct model from the homepage.

image (15) (1).png



Google Sheets Add-on: A new version of the Google Sheets Add-on is now available for all customers.

  • This version allows any user with access to refresh the connection and data on a sheet, as per this idea. This new capability extends the ability for more users accessing a sheet to keep the connection and data up-to-date with the latest information. 

  • Some text in the UI has been updated with a new look and feel. 

  • The new version of the Google Sheets Add-on is available automatically, no need to install or download it. Visit Anapedia for more information.


  • PlanIQ, the Anaplan time-series forecasting tool, allows planners and model builders to leverage powerful, integrated machine learning (ML) and statistical algorithms. PlanIQ allows the users to quickly set up forecast models and apply them to their business plans fast. The simple and integrated experience allows users to experiment and choose best performing models for their needs, all within the Anaplan platform. Check out these resources below to learn more about PlanIQ:



Platform updates targeted for July

Disclaimer: Please note: The information here is subject to change right up to release go-live time. This post is not a commitment to provide any features by a certain time frame and enhancements to the product may change before release. Subscribe here and check back frequently for the latest.

Planning & Modeling

  • New Modeling Experience: More updates to the modeling experience are set to release in July:

    • Tab reordering: Users will be able to quickly reorder their model object tabs in the tab bar.

    • Formula indentation: Model builders will soon be able to leverage indentation formatting in the new formula editor.

User Experience

  • Grid enhancements on mobile: Grids in the mobile app will soon be editable without maximizing the card.

  • Favoriting apps: Users will be able to favorite the apps that they need most for even quicker access to them on Home.


  • Excel Add-in 4.3: This new version will be available to customers in a phased rollout at the end of July. This new version will enable users to clone the connections of an entire workbook into a new workbook, open workbooks with duplicate connections, and more. Join the feedback group to get access as soon as it is released.


  • View the forecast action execution history/status in PlanIQ. Soon users will be able to track detailed forecast action execution history and status on the forecast actions page in PlanIQ.


  • Anaplan Connector for DocuSign: We’re refreshing the Anaplan Connector for DocuSign with an updated, more streamlined user interface consistent with the Anaplan UX.

Upcoming scheduled maintenance:

  • July 17: Platform offline: Product Enhancements

  • July 31: Platform offline: Infrastructure update

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