March 2020 releases and sneak peek at April

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Released in March

Making your life easier with the New UX

  • Export a PDF: You can now export a board page as a pdf. This can be used to print or share with your colleagues via email or to take a snapshot of the data at a particular point in time.

  • Drill down: A much-requested feature! You can now drill down to any cell value to see either the formula and inputs to the formula or the break down of the value in the New UX. Drill down allows you to see how numbers are calculated, giving you confidence in the figures and how they’re derived without having to dive into the model itself. This is similar to the F8 drill down feature in classic today. The initial version will support a single level drill down but we will iterate to allow multiple-levels as in classic today.


  • Sort a board grid: You can now quickly sort a grid on a board via a context menu, allowing you to easily find the highest value product sales or worst performing products.

  • Selective access adjustments: We’ve been working to make sure that selective access is treated in the same way as in classic. Currently, in the New UX, we’re a little too strict with how we apply selective access, applying it to all list formatted line items whether the module definition specifies it or not. The changes we’re making mean that you’ll have to specify in the module which line items should use selective access, just as you’ve always done in classic. Keep this in mind if you’re already using selective access as part of a New UX app.

Improving integrations for administrators

  • New version of Anaplan Connect: You can now migrate to the new version more easily. This Anaplan Connect version includes language encoding features and other bug fixes that will allow those on older Anaplan Connect versions to migrate to new enhanced version, with better integration features

Bringing the platform together as one

  • Improved the look and feel for the admin console: In our March 28 downtime we took the first step to bring the New UX and the classic experience together by updating the administration console with the same visual appearance as the New UX

Upgrading the Office add-in suite

Making the mobile app experience more intuitive

  • Landscape mode: We’ve made charts available and grids fully interactive in landscape mode, so you can view your data in whichever way you prefer to work.

  • Row selection and context selectors: You can now select a row in a grid, and tapping on the row header will change your context.

  • Android enhancements: You can now use your Android back button to close full screen cards

  • Mobile fixes:

    • We released the following improvements:

      • You will now see the correct context when using a card level context selector

      • You can now change the context on cards inside Additional insights

Ideas delivered in March 🎉

Targeted for April

Disclaimer:  Please note: The information here is subject to change right up to release go-live time. This post is not a commitment to provide any features by a certain time frame and enhancements to the product may change before release. Subscribe here and check back frequently for the latest.
Collaborate with your colleagues
  • Share a UX page: Share a page with members of your team and add a message for them to take action

Improving the user experience

  • Context selector filtering: Building on the select items for page header context selectors we are also adding the ability to filter page header context selectors. This allows builders to make the contents of the context selector dynamic based on a set of filter rules.

  • Multi-level Drill down: Additional enhancements will allow users to dig deeper into results of a drill down allowing them to interrogate their data further.

  • KPI Sparklines: We are planning on further enhancing KPI cards capabilities to introduce a simple trend line to reveal the KPI performance trend

Making SSO login easier

  • Simpler authentication flow to get to the page you want: SSO users will be able to click on links, login with SSO and land on the destination in Anaplan.

  • SSO login on login page: SSO users will also be able to login through Anaplan’s regular login page, rather than having to first go to their SSO provider. 

Improving user experience in the mobile app

  • Forms on mobile: You will be able to create line items using forms on mobile, speeding up your data entry to plan on the go
  • Update: We have been working hard to deliver Pinch & Zoom for charts on mobile. This is in progress and we are looking forward to delivering this in April

Updated to May: Making greater calculation scale a reality

  • Raised limits on functions: To support customers building larger and more sophisticated models, we will raise the limits for the RANK, RANKCUMULATE and ISFIRSTOCCURRENCE functions. It will now be possible to use those functions across 50 million cells or items (up from 10 million)

Updated to May: Adding new events to Anaplan Audit

  • New user activity and security events being added to audit: We’ll enhance the Audit service to include new events in user activity audit logs as well as events for system actions. This includes events such as adding a User, deleting a User, assigning a model Role to a User, and executing a Process

Keep an eye out for

Bringing the platform together as one

  • 👀 A new look and feel for your Anaplan landing page: Your Anaplan landing page is going to look different. We're preparing to roll out an updated landing page to unite all of your Anaplan content, models and New UX apps in one quick and easy home page. When this happens, you’ll notice that the look and feel of the landing page is different but all the same capabilities and more are there. We're working hard to nail down a date for this and will be in touch when we have an exact date for this change over. 

Upcoming scheduled maintenance

  • April 25 2020

Upcoming webinars

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