March 2021 Releases and April Sneak Peek

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Released in March

UX Enhancements

  • Tenant switcher improvements: Users with access to multiple Anaplan tenants can now more easily switch between tenants via the main navigation. We’ve moved the tenant switcher from the profile menu to the main navigation bar so you can clearly see which tenant you’re currently using and quickly switch between your tenants. Please note that if you or your users only have access to a single tenant, this feature will be hidden and there will be no change to the existing behavior.

  • Parent renaming in forms: Page builders can now rename the parent selector labels inside forms to better align with business processes and activities. You can ask your users to “select a cost center”, “select a region”, “select a category”, or any other label that best fits your business processes.

  • Grid images and row height options: New customizable grid options let you display URL formatted line items as images directly within your grids of data to more easily display and digest information. You can also set the height of grid rows with text wrapping for your text formatted line items to display all of the content within a text box.Grid.png



  • Mobile barcode scanner: It can be time consuming to repeatedly enter product EANs or UPCs, either into a grid, field or form, especially working on sites where laptops aren’t readily available or convenient. You can use the barcode scanner to quickly add product details into Anaplan for processes such as asset utilization or inventory barcode scanner.png


  • Interacting with field cards on mobile: You can now edit field card data on mobile directly on the board, without needing to maximize the card. This lets you instantly see changes reflected across the rest of your board, for even faster planning.Field cards on mobile.gif


  • Excel Add-in 4.2: Enhance your reporting capabilities with the ability to create reports with up to 5 million data cells. This is an increase from previous versions that supported 1 million data cells, as requested in this idea and this idea. Please note that:

Extensibility Updates

  • Transactional APIs: We’re happy to announce a new set of Transactional APIs is now available to provide simpler access to Anaplan model data and metadata for integrations. This release marks the first time that users can write data into Anaplan from third-party systems. Details include:

    • No action setup required to read, write back, and extract module data, model  lists, and  line items

    • Supports both  CSV and  JSON data formats

    • Metadata APIs provide definitions and  metrics for a particular list, and can determine count and structure of model objects

    • Programmatically  update  model  properties, such as time-period property in model calendar

Ideas Delivered in March


Targeted for April

Disclaimer:  Please note: The information here is subject to change right up to release go-live time. This post is not a commitment to provide any features by a certain time frame and enhancements to the product may change before release. Subscribe here and check back frequently for the latest.

UX Updates

  • App-level page access control: We’ll be launching new ways to view and manage page access configurations for all pages in an app within a single experience. This will speed productivity and reduce the time it takes to restrict access to pages. It also provides greater visibility into all restrictions applied across the app.

  • Delete a comment: You’ll be able to delete comments you posted in the UX across both web and mobile, so you can make edits, update errors, and stay in control of your decision-making.

  • Mobile push notifications: Opt in to receive push notifications in the Anaplan app to stay up to date whenever someone mentions you in a comment or shares a page with you.

  • Slack integration enhancements: We’re adding notifications in Slack so you can easily see when you’ve been mentioned in a comment.

  • Auto-select parent in forms: Forms will aim to detect the parent item for newly added list items. They’ll look at what’s already selected on the page and suggest the most appropriate option in the “parent” selector.

  • Additional “is required” options in forms: We’ll be adding the “is required” setting against all line items and list properties in forms in addition to text formatted line items.

Upcoming scheduled maintenance

  • April 17: Platform offline: Infrastructure update

  • April 24: Platform offline: Product Enhancement

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