May 2020 Releases and Sneak Peek at June

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Released in May

Improving the User Experience

  • Filter board grids: Filter grids on boards pages allowing users to narrow down the data set that is relevant to their task.

  • Refresh short-cut key: You can now easily refresh the data on a board or worksheet by using the short-cut key Alt+R.

  • Grid resizing: We have added some new options to the main worksheet grid to allow you to change how the data is represented. You now choose from:
    • Default
    • Large
    • Small
  • Worksheet insights panel updates: Users can now resize the right hand panel in a worksheet. This provides a wider view of the chart or grid in the panel in addition to the already available functionality to add it to the main work area. The panel resizing is also available for drill-down and other grid configs such as filter and show selections.

  • Chart configuration updates: We have moved the chart settings configuration in to a right hand panel in the page designer. This eliminates the need to navigate in and out of the card wizard to make chart setting updates, improving build efficiency and saving you time.

  • Data input undo: You can now undo your last single cell data change using the standard CTRL+Z / CMD+Z keyboard shortcut on any editable New UX grid card or worksheet.

Visualization Updates

  • Scatter plotThe scatter plot allows you to show a relationship between two variables. It is the best visual for showing non-linear relations and correlations, such as advertising spend Vs sales. This is available only on the new UX.


  • Bubble chartWe have extended the scatter plot further to enable you to size the marker so you can create a bubble plot. This allows you to add a third dimension to your data. You can then plot the points and size according to their values as risk Vs effort for opportunities with the size of the bubble, representing the value of the opportunity. This is available only on the new UX.


  • Donut chart: Visualize your data using the Donut chart. This is similar to the Pie chart and is helpful when demonstrating a part to whole relationship.

  • Vertical waterfall: Rotate the axis on your Waterfall in the new UX, allowing you to visualise your Waterfall vertically.

Work from Anywhere with the Mobile App

  • Submit a form on mobile: Use forms in the Anaplan mobile app to create list items and enter their properties seamlessly, from wherever you are.

  • Anaplan URLs now open directly inside the mobile app: Open any Anaplan UX URL on your mobile device and you will be directed straight to that page or app inside the Anaplan app itself, enabling you to quickly access the content shared with you from a single link.

  • KPI scaling: You’ll see KPI scaling settings reflected in the mobile app, for a seamless web to mobile transition.

Platform Enhancements

  • Greater calculation scale: To support building larger and more sophisticated models, we raised the limits for the RANK, RANKCUMULATE and ISFIRSTOCCURENCE functions by 5x from 10 million cells to 50 million cells.

  • Easier and smoother log-in authentication: We improved the SSO log-in user experience with the following new link: “Log in with Single Sign-On (SSO).” This link is visible under the email address field. The enhancement directs users to their SSO provider’s portal page to enter their credentials.

  • Enabling non-authenticated SSO users: We have enabled non-authenticated SSO users to access links to Anaplan content. Each URL directs users through an authentication flow, enabling secure access to specific Anaplan content.

Security UI Enhancements

  • Import wrapped key functionality: Now supports 100 asymmetric keys. We’ve increased the number of supported keys and character description limit in the admin console, enabling the encryption admin to do more with BYOK.

  • Security certificates: Now supports 100 registered certificates in the admin console list. Tenant admins can also search for any additional entries with the find bar and manage these certificates.

Visitors Page

  • Visitors Page: This new functionality provides visibility for tenant admins to users who are temporarily in the customer's tenant. These visitors are typically added to the tenant for model building or consulting services. administrators can view a paginated list of visitors, profile information, and assign the page builder role in the admin console.

Predictive Insights

  • Weekly Data Integrations: Joint Anaplan and Predictive Insights customers will now be able to configure automated weekly synchronizations of scores and data, such as buyer intent between the platforms.

  • Seamless Login: Now allowing users of Anaplan customers that are also Predictive Insights customers to be able to login seamlessly from Anaplan to Predictive Insights. From now on, there will be no need to manage two disjointed sets of users across two platforms.

Ideas Delivered in May


Add formula drill down in NEW UX

Export Boards as PDFs in NEW UX

NEW UX- User-friendly pivot

Anaplan to be supported in Microsoft Edge Browser

Bubble chart

Scatter chart

Donut chart


Targeted for June

Disclaimer: Please note: The information here is subject to change right up to release go-live time. This post is not a commitment to provide any features by a certain time frame and enhancements to the product may change before release. Subscribe here and check back frequently for the latest.


Product Enhancements

  • “Home” will be our new landing page: This updated landing page will unite all of your Anaplan content, models and New UX apps into one easy-to-navigate page.

  • KPI Sparklines: We are planning on enhancing the capabilities of KPI cards further introducing the ability to add a simple trend line so you can see the performance trend of your KPI.

Improving the Mobile App User Experience:

  • KPI Sparklines: Mobile support for KPI Sparklines.

  • Search for apps and pages: You will be able to quickly find what you’re looking for using search to find apps and pages.

Collaborate with Colleagues

  • Share a UX page: Share a page with members of your team and add a message for them to take action.


A Better Experience for Administrators

  • Admin on New UX: As we continue to update the admin console look and feel over the next year, we’ve added the new application menu in an ongoing effort to bring the classic and new UX experience together.

  • Self Service SAML Enhancements: We are improving the workspace selection experience for security administrators with a search capability. This will allow admins to more easily select which workspaces to associate to an identity provider. 

  • Admin Model UI: We’ve enhanced the admin models page by making the model name clickable as well as adjusted the page’s column widths to help admins get the information they need more efficiently.

  • Visitors Page - Workspace Admin: In our second visitors release, we are adding the workspace admin role to the page and inspector. In addition to viewing and assigning the page builder role, administrators can view the list of workspaces the visitor is a workspace admin. 


Upcoming Scheduled Maintenance:

  • June 13: Platform offline: Infrastructure update

  • June 27: Platform offline: Infrastructure update

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