More ways to access and process data with new Transactional APIs

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Anaplan Transactional APIs drive agile integrations, deliver requirements faster, and help customers make the most of their IT investments. Customers can easily set up Anaplan integrations with minimal prep work. They can quickly begin to see greater insights into model properties and can work with additional attributes, such as model calendar properties. 

Anaplan Transactional APIs also support multiple file formats and enable deeper insights into users’ Anaplan models via metadata APIs.

The new transactional cell data writeback API provides you with the ability to keep Anaplan data in sync with your on-premise and cloud applications. Updates to intersections of data as small as a single cell can now be done using a simple API call, without using Import actions.

You can now also dynamically select the Anaplan module at runtime for writing and update it without manual dependency on creating actions, allowing for more intuitive integrations to be setup.


Key Features

  • Writeback APIs
    • Write cell data by coordinate using IDs​/Names
  • List APIs
    • Read list of Model Lists​
    • Read properties of a List​
    • Read List Items​
  • Model Metadata APIs
    • Lookup dimension member ID by Name/Code
    • Read list of all Line Items for a Module & Model​
    • Get dimensionality of a Line Item
    • Get dimension items for a Line Item
    • Get model size​ (Enhancement to existing API)​
    • Read properties of Process action (part of bulk API feature)​
  • Model Calendar
    • Get model calendar current fiscal year​

All Transactional APIs are now available to all customers. Read the API documentation for more information, review the Anapedia article, and visit