My Pages - Coming Soon

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My Pages - Coming soon


We had this feedback from customers:

   "You would have high adoption if people could build their own dashboards and graphs - they can't do anything but click around and do simple stuff."


So we are adding My Pages to the New User Experience. This will enable any user of Anaplan to create their own pages, based on data they have access to.


Everyone wins — users are empowered, page builders have more time to spend on other value-adding activities. 


My Pages will be available to all customers except those on standard or basic editions. It will be launched in two phases:


  1. Phase 1- My Pages Management: Will be the release of the My Pages management area only later this week. -
    1. My Pages will allow any user to create a Card (KPI, Chart or Grid) in the New UX based on data in any Module their role has access to. If there are modules the user has access to but you don't want them creating personal pages based on this data you can disable My Pages for these models. In this case, simply open the My Pages management area from the All Apps screen and disable My Pages for any such model. See example screen shot below.
  2. Phase 2 - Full My Pages feature: This will be the full My Pages release which will happen a week after the My Pages management area release. So any models you want to disable My Pages for will need to be done before this release.

Manage My Pages area:

My Pages management area.png



Learn more about My Pages, how to use it, and how to disable it for models in this video: