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My Pages enables any user to:

  • create personal pages from both their My Pages area, and the app contents screen; and
  • personalize copies of existing pages from the apps they have access to.

This reduces the need for page builders to configure and provide data for end users.


Any end user can create personal pages to display in their My Pages area, which they alone can see. For example, they could create a personal report for information they need to track or review, or to analyze changes in real time.

A personal page can be either a board or a worksheetUse boards to display high-level information at a glance, and worksheets to display large volumes of data for analysis and editing.

Personal pages, like regular pages, are designed to contain cards, which can be:

  • created based on data from models a user has access to; and
  • selected from the Card template library, as configured by a page builder.

Card templates enable users to display the data that matters to them, without the need to understand the underlying model.

Note: My Pages are enabled by default but you can switch off support for My Pages on a per model basis if desired. To find out how to do this go here.

This feature is available only to Professional and Enterprise customers. See our pricing page for further information about our pricing grades and associated features.

See the My Pages section on Anapedia to learn more about how to use them.

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